5 days, 4 nights.

Full trip in 4×4 vehicle, visiting extreme landscapes that are not possible reach in a car or minivan. Hours and hours without see no people over high beautiful deserts of the andes mountains.

Day 1

We will start early in the morning at the place/hotel where you are staying, then we will drive up the mountain over Los Cardones National Park visiting the Enchanted Valley and then we will keep going down to Calchaquí Valley where Cachi city is located. It is a colonial village with a fantastic 18th century architecture and it is possible to stop there and walk around to see some of the historic buildings.
Then, we will continue over the National Road 40 (unpaved) and we will cross several old villages such as Seclantás and Molinos, the latest being another place to pull over and visit an interesting vicunas farm to see some nice handicrafts in a market.
From Molinos, we will keep driving on the Road 40 to a place on the way named Quebrada de Las Flechas or Arrows gorge. The name comes from the shape of white sandstones like arrows looking up the sky. It is a place like a moon pictures; the contrast in this part of the trip is amazing. Then, a couple of hours later, we will arrive in Cafayate city to relax at the hotel and you can have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants in front of the main square.

Day 2

After breakfast, another day begins, another great day to one of the most deserted and highest areas in our country. A few kilometers away from Cafayate, we can stop at a Quilmes Indian’s ruins (part of Tucuman province). In this place, we can have a short walk around the old Indian settlement that reminds us of a people’s ruins who fought during 100 years against the Spanish conquerors who tried to get the control of them on the 17th century. Then, we will keep driving in our 4×4 truck into Catamarca province where we will start to go up slowly into a fantastic scenery road over sand dunes, high deserts, salt flats, lakes and high mountains. Right at the time of sunset, we will go into the protected area named Campo de Piedra Pomez where we will use our 4×4 system to not get stuck in the sand. Once we get to the right place to pull over, we can get out of the truck and walk over the white desert and watch one of the best and dramatic landscapes of Argentina. We will be at 3500m above sea level.
After visiting this amazing place, we will get back to the main road and keep driving to Antofagasta de La Sierra village to stay at the Hostería Municipal, have a dinner and have a rest after a long and spectacular journey.

Day 3

Not so early on this day… We will start our 3th journey where we will go across the Puna de Atacama region. Our gavel road will get to altitudes like 4600m above sea level a couple of times during the day, and we will see the biggest salt flats in Argentina. The first one is Antofalla where we will stop in a small village in one of the corners of the salt flat, and then Arizaro salt flat, back again in Salta province. In Arizaro, we will see a hill in the middle of the salt flat with a strange shape like a cone named Arita. Then, we will finish crossing this salt flat driving on the salt during 100 kms until we get to a small village named Tolar Grande where we will spend the night in a hotel of familiar lodging.

Day 4

After breakfast, we will start again another great day going over the same region like the day before. On this day, we will get to very high altitudes on the road 3 times, that is, up to 4500m above sea level. More salt flats, red sand stone deserts and we will see part of the rail road of the famous Train to the Clouds, specifically the bridge where the train crosses at 4200m above sea level and 75m high from the ground and 200m long. Then, we will arrive in San Antonio de Los Cobres village where we can have lunch in one of the restaurants. After this village, we will see Salinas Grandes in Jujuy province. This is maybe the most famous salt flat because it is by the paved road, it is easy accessible and many people can get there with a regular car. Then, in an hour-driving trip on a good road we will get to Purmamarca village, where the Seven Colors Hill is located, another popular place indeed. So, once we get to the end of the trip, we will have seen more and more tourist places, but very nice too. We will spend the night in Tilcara village, at 25 kms from Purmamarca upon the Humahuaca gorge.

Day 5

The last day will be a day of chilling out. We will walk around Tilcara village and visit an archaeological museum as well as the high fortress ruins of Pucará de Tilcara; then, we will go a few kilometers up on the gorge and visit the city of Humahuaca and its historical down town. After that, we will go back to Jujuy and Salta city. On the way between Jujuy and Salta, we will take a mountain road surrounded by rainforest vegetation. Yes, this is an incredible contrast after many days of deserts, now we will be driving in the forest. We will arrive in Salta city around 6:00 PM and will go straightaway to the hotel or the place where you will spend the night, or if you want, to the local airport or bus station.

light clothes during day and warm at night…in winter time it’s very cold and windy

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