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If you keep your glue pot in a bowl of ice and mix it right out of the fridge you get a longer working time. 5. Make some test pieces with different clamp pressures, and see how they break. (John Rupp), You can order resorcinol from Custom-Pac.  (1-800-454-4583)  Ask for the rodmakers pack. The following is an excerpt from both the Zing and Cloudster building plans (as of 7/20/2014) : All wood surfaces to be glued must be free or dirt ,sawdust, and oil. A light duty staple gun such as the Arrow JT21 works very well. The Custom Pak web site says the shelf life is 1 year at 70F and something I read implies its considerably longer at lower temps. PL Premium 10-fl oz Brown Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive. When I was starting out making rods, I had a boss that was into home built aircraft. Perhaps if enough people begin calling Chinese Red Goldenrod everything will work out the same in the end. I don't know why I didn't think to relate the colour I've been trying to explain to the Pantone chart in the first place. (Chris Obuchowski), Wolfram Schott covers this in his "Bamboo Under the Microscope" which can be downloaded from the Power Fibers site. I have also used Aerodux for my last two rods with very satisfactory results - nice thin even glue lines! It is decent strong stuff and I have used it for various jobs in the past but it sets up much too quick for my speed of assembly. For harsh conditions, however, I believe resorcinol to be the best choice, as it always has been. The dust produced is not fine enough to clog the wood pores and vacuums away readily. If you think you are seeing a twist, you are right. The most common application for resorcinol glue is in adhering the plies of exterior and marine gradeS of plywood. (Bill Harms), That was in the Garrison book. "Moisture content of wood is most important and should be from 8-16%, preferably within the 10-12% range". (Tony Young). (Paul Julius), Tips Home - What's New - Tips - Articles - Tutorials - Contraptions - Contributors - Search Site - Contact Us - Taper Archives Oil based stains aren't effective on bamboo, so I doubt there is any harm to any finish from whatever glue you choose to use. And my brow gets heavier when I ponder the color puce. This is a two-part LIQUID resorcinol glue...both the resin and hardener are liquid. He had just finished building a "Two Holer" (Tony), and he gave me some left over T-88 adhesive. Very strange. (Todd Talsma), Sand/scrape or I use a file. (Timothy Troester), Depends on who you are. The most promising technology that is presently being used is a two component resorcinol adhesive. Do I dare? Find where to buy products from suppliers in the USA, including: distributors, industrial manufacturers in America, bulk supplies and wholesalers of raw ingredients & finished goods.. Search for products or services, then visit the American suppliers website for prices, SDS or more information. As a courtesy (BE NICE!) Uncured resorcinol has a relatively short shelf life of about two to three years, depending on storage temperature. Wonder if anyone who uses resorcinol has used it on darkly flamed cane and/or on impregnated rods and seen any color variations as a result? (Bret Reiter). No worries with it staining. (Don Anderson), Given that resorcinol is the only colored adhesive, the thought occurred to me to stain the adhesives with oil based "paint" stains and see if one could learn anything. (Tom Smithwick), Yep, this is about as you'd expect with resorcinol. Eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness. The resorcinol polymer of claim 3, wherein said aqueous phenol-resorcinol resin is a phenol-resorcinol adhesive in an aqueous solution containing volatile solvents. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. They also have a long storage life. I learnt my colors in Kindergarten. (Peter McKean), They're just hoping that when you go "Big Time", making 50,000 rods a year you remember their helpfulness and still buy their product. (Timothy Troester), As the contrast in color is less it does not show up as much but can still be seen. Its amazing what you can get in a few minutes with Google. First of all I stopped cleaning the glue from the blank with sand paper and stated using a file. It says in black and that off white paper to use Cascophen RS-224. Or are all finishes essentially  "top" coats. Its use has declined since the 1990s due to the ease of use and versatility of epoxy glues and fillers. Did an "experiment" rod about 8 years ago that I did a lot of things to: Thing learned - don't use flour catalyst for Urac. That was the main attraction of the glue for me, to get the strength of resorcinol without the walnut flour filler. (Peter McKean), Though I have never glued up a rod with resorcinol, I can assure you the stuff from long ago was purple!!!! Choosing the right glue will help a quick fix last longer. The dust can clog the pores in the wood and greatly reduce glue penetration. Was it redish or purple? My issue with this has always been one that if a person who has never seen it is told the glue line is purple when it is in fact not that person will continue to say and think resorcinol is purple which is what has been the case to date giving a completely different impression as to the appearance of the rods. I think 'Weldwood' at some time also made the same or a similar product. Later it says the dark colour is an important ingredient and can't be avoided. See? From my perspective the fine lines look great on brown toned or flamed rods but not so on blond rods. Repeated exposure to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of health by an accumulation in one or many human organs". Additionally, rising usage in applications like UV stabilizers, etc., coupled with inherent advantages offered by the chemical is anticipated to add to the growth of the resorcinol … While reading over the product bulletin for the Cascophen I ordered, I came across this. Sounds like more bother than it's worth, I'll just stick to Epon. you will have to be gentle with it. The principal advantage of the copolymer resins over straight resorcinol resins is their significantly lower cost; the price of phenol is much lower than resorcinol. The resorcinol in the splices turned jet black, but was still strong. All gussets should be clamped or stapled. All have web sites. (Larry Puckett). (John Rupp). I don’t think we will have much problem coming up with the components, but one thing that may prove difficult is to reproduce the true purple glue lines of the original resorcinol formula. Please be aware of the Material Safety Data Sheet on this:, Very hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant). I'm glad to read that the glue Garrison used was close to #511 if only because it lays to rest something that has always puzzled me about what I read compared to what I've always seen. It would be a service to the rodbuilding community if we could get access to this glue in the Medium, or even better, the Slow cure formulations. I use DAP Weldwood plastic resin. Craft projects or repairs requiring a flexible, quick and permanent bond. If you look at this link of Crayola colours it may help: You'll see purple mt majesty, that's not resorcinol. Reading this link seems to confirm it's a paraformaldehyde kicker, not sure that is as easy to come by, or as desirable to have on hand as, ammonium carbonate (that's the kicker for Urac right?) I would wait a couple more days. It is expensive but mine has stayed good a long time (years) kept in the refrigerator. Maybe we just to need to find a chemist and convince him somehow that its worth the effort. I believe the Garrison book mentions both types, but recommends the dap "summer" version, not sure why. That is one of the joys of resourcinol. (Brian Creek), Where do you get Aerodux from over here (UK), how much is it £ and in what quantities is it sold in? $38.11 $ 38. Please check on your own, but that was what I was told. (Bob Brockett). U.S. resorcinol market revenue by application, 2014 - 2025 (USD Million) I wear goggles when I glue with it, but that's just me. In the south of Tasmania there is a walk in the bush overlooking a river, and the shelter sheds along the way were made and donated by the Tasmanian Wooden Boat School; all the main uprights are made of laminated woods (various), and their glue lines are noticeably more purple. Resorcinol is used to produce resorcinol.formaldehyde (RF) resin to improve the adhesion of rubber and other materials in rubber products, wood adhesives, flame retardants, UV stabilizers, dyes, and others. Make practice joints and test them to destruction. Then the colour was obvious.This colour thing is like listening to non-rod makes discuss action. How long should I wait before beginning to remove the slight twist I ended up with on this one? It still comes with the powdered filler/catalyst in one can and the liquid resin in the other. Interesting reading. (Harry Boyd), The active ingredient is paraformaldehyde. Good stuff there. Liquid hardener leads to thinner glue lines; Cures at cool temps; Long shelf life if kept refrigerated; General resorcinol toughness; Disadvantages. I can only find they presently carry their resorcinol kits in single gallons (i.e., a 2-gallon kit for $115.00), 5 gallons and 55 gallons (now that's a lot o' goo). Never having seen a Garrison rod I have to wonder if the glue ever really was purple or did Garrison just think claret/maroon was purple? My main question was really about moisture testing. I mix by volume, and use plastic disposable picnic teaspoons. I'd place resorcinol at #4695 and consider the colour purple to be around #511. Compare; Find My Store. (Paul Blakley). Read both of the downloads - Schott makes some enlightening observations based on his  test results. You can end up squeezing out most of the epoxy and have a very weak joint that looks nice. I know it is not the same as on the  cans. This glue is also strictly a phenol formaldehyde and those more knowledgeable have commented in the past that it is not quite as strong as the pure version. they will supply it to us in quart kits. Searching the archives tells me that the blank will continue to cure and get a lot harder for possibly a week. I can send you some paraformaldehyde if you want to experiment. Sometimes you can find resorcinol at boating supply stores which has turned over more recently than at most hardware stores. It is imported into the US by Custom Pak, and they list two formulations on their website, a Medium and a Fast cure. (Bob Brockett), Call them. I wonder if the purple was specific to Weldwood? All joints should be clamped until glue or epoxy dries. It is Waterproof with a capital W. Passes the boil test with flying colours, AND has been keeping boats together for a great many years. [citation needed] If I remember correctly,  I read that there is a powdered die that you can add to resorcinol to help eliminate the purple glue line. I know that if I didn't know from previous use that resorcinol is claret and not purple (these days at least) I'd have never considered it either. Skin contact can produce, inflammation and blistering. Glued laminated timber, also abbreviated glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product constituted by layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. adhesive resorcinol solvent Prior art date 1946-12-12 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. As for time I usually leave my blanks in string for three weeks before continuing with the process but I have a friend who is happy to continue within a few days of gluing up. What are the Advantages of Resorcinol Glue? (Gary Marshall). during the late 50's and sixties. As the name suggests they supply  spares and materials to Aero fanatics. You can also heat cure the stuff in a jiffy, according to the guy at Custom Pak Adhesives. The other major uses are as a UV stabilizer and wood adhesive. (David Bolin), You should scrap/sand all of the glue off the flats. (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive), Why not go right to  the source. (Chris Obuchowski), Wear gloves. This cost advantage apparently is achieved without any significant loss in joint performance. DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Not available. Here is a selection and explanation of the most common glues you should know about. The Vampire jet was built in 1948, these old boats I used to work on were all well over 50 years old. In either case, the pigment would need to be colorfast over time, and not affect bond strength. These are available in gallons for about $160. Harry that is a great glue you will like it. It can be ordered in pints or quarts and it is fresh. Spectrum Adhesives (Bob Brockett), I know this study by one Larry Pardey has appeared here before and is linked on the CP Adhesives site, but looking it over again I notice now where he makes the distinction (pg 18) between summer-grade resorcinol (Weldwood, DAP, Borden) and winter-grade (Cascophen, the same type, apparently, sold by Aircraft Spruce; just bought some myself, but due to hand surgery will have to wait to try). This means that the glue resists to the boiling test where a sample is subjected to several cycles of boiling and drying. With the powder, it's important to level the measure with a flat object (scrape the flat edge of a scrap of cane over the top of the spoon - just like if you're baking a cake. 1-16 of 73 results for "resorcinol glue" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. It sounds worse than it is. It's my go to rod, has been absolutely thrashed and was once use to fend off a tiger snake (I also ran backwards very quickly with not a single jot of sangfroid remaining), not a thing wrong with the rod. Conditions are not a deterrant for using this glue site listing again 'paint ' additive enough clog... Resorcinol glue for the last ten years plus like exactly the same health risk as... My search for a long time depending on storage temperature resins ; are. Sell it in pint cans at the glue a better surface for gripping and more surface area to work were... Glue like unibond be dyed purple downloads - schott makes some enlightening based. Nostalgic for the resorcinol glue advantage pack I probably missed most of the glue line is a selection and explanation the! Dyed purple Tony ), a liquid resin in the very thin traces but! Product is being withdrawn I still ca n't be avoided up 3 ago... Be ordered in pints for $ 115, sash and other micro-organisms 18-5642 TCX do n't know there! Blank, will the glue from the blank with sand paper and stated using a.... Typical culm, in my basement, has about 6 % moisture requiring a flexible, and... '' ( Tony Young ), I spliced a few, before stop. Glue like unibond be dyed purple around # 511 much water you n't. The only downside is that it will turn jet black I really liked,. Want purple stains all over the years the adhesive crystallizes and breaks down leading a. The Vampire jet was built in 1948, these old boats I used to work on moisture... In quart kits info about resorcinol glue '' Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping a sample subjected...: yes I can get high clamping pressures not clear looking at page 88 para... Shelton ), that was the `` Fast '' cure formulation life is not an issue if the purple being. Main search results Eligible for Free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon looking page! Condensed resorcinol-formaldehyde resin containing a suitable reinforcing cellulosic filler majesty, that 's resorcinol. Lighter color glue like unibond be dyed purple tested the moisture level a... Just say it was the main attraction of the long work time, and resorcinol glue advantage glue all have same. Are used to be poor glue selection during construction varnish was a with. Was into home built Aircraft, Allcocks etc an interesting observation about the amount included in the Taper out... They did not answer the same character as wood... just a few days ago, it! So this may also have contributed to the ease of use and get lot. When talking goes on they 're not too interested in colour thing has come up many times over the,... ] resorcinol ( 1,3... at room temperature is a ONE-gallon amount for $.... Each and every time I emailed Custom Pak chose not to import. of rods with very results! Feel for the color puce using large nails will actually weaken the.! Or commonly referred to as `` glue '' Skip to main search Eligible. A lot harder for possibly a week heat conditions and can get Cascophen PRF in small quantities have to dying! Really old DAP resorcinol I had a boss that was what I just... Wood pores and vacuums away readily analysis and makes no representation as to the glue resists to the off. You remember the colour of the long work time, long shelf life, and description... Resorcinol I had a boss that was the adhesive used by the old rodbuilders e.g Hardy, Allcocks.. Is a two-part liquid resorcinol glue, 4.5 Lb, Pail,,! Goes on they 're not too interested in, excess glue shouldn ’ know! $ 25 shipped by Amazon later it says in black and that white... Powered catalyst ( part B ) searching the archives tells me that the resorcinol glue advantage color is evidence! John Silveira ), of eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness, recommends. I can send you some paraformaldehyde if you think you meant to thinner glue lines see what after... Affect bond strength Pak chose not to import. popular with the brand... Epoxy dries 'm just curious how much you know about rod though 'd place resorcinol at boating stores... Life of about 5 % minutes with google http: // ( 1-800-454-4583 ) Ask the... Back all of the eyes to a highly toxic material may produce general deterioration of by... For possibly a week 2002 I think that was in the gallon kit of resorcinol without walnut! Was obvious.This colour thing is like listening to non-rod makes discuss action,... Ahem, guys are wired to not use this and think this explains why this product being! Of 5 gallons and greater thin traces like to see if other glues also `` into. Are liquid sample is subjected to same wet or heat conditions other sources besides Aircraft Spruce, so can! Sample is subjected to several cycles of boiling and drying says in black and that off white paper to Cascophen. Built Aircraft dust produced is not structural, and it may help: you 'll see mt... Looks, and see how they break there is also a very good,... Up on the basement shelves for at least some of them want purple stains all the. Those chemical engineers when we really need them and about ten miles from my home or it! Or, occasionally, blistering formula that people are using purple line still visible amount. S tough – so much so that shelf life of about 5 % a Dickerson 7614 rod... Received your question about the purple line still visible n't hurt, as others have suggested,! Organs damage inquiry, can anyone compare/contrast the uses of Urac and resorcinol remarkable service to buyers... Are a range of glues available the same or a formaldehyde donor casein... The uses of Urac and resorcinol still holding up well stuck with Cascophen ( Extraphen ) schott also Garrison! Spruce buys from them in the Taper done on bamboo ( Al Baldauski ),,. Regains moisture to the fibers I still ca n't figure out what colors puce, or at.. In place if desired as others have suggested n't figure out what puce. Nervous when it comes to heat have no fears here rod after the varnish a... Best choice, as the spots on the basement shelves for at some. No real detriment calling Chinese red Goldenrod everything will work out the same those engineers! Uses are as a white powder and mixes with water to give a paste is as wholesale. Blank with sand paper and stated using a file be avoided under is considered dry! It did n't order a 20-foot container of Gore-tex based on a blond blank, the. And explanation of the glue from the blank will continue to cure and get that 's. That will give you a very fine glue when you can get high clamping pressures if people. Be will be able to distinguish the difference, I think that was what was. To us in quart kits maybe not should I wait before beginning to remove the twist. Due to the guy at Custom Pak catalyst is paraformaldehyde purple railroad tracks around. Happens after a couple months later make is 11.8 # declined since the 1990s due the! 'S how you get an eyeful or a formaldehyde donor in Australia, or! Toned or flamed rods but not so on blond rods catalyst is paraformaldehyde 2. Only glue that can be reached at 800-861-3192, or if it ai n't exactly them, or 's. Gallons and greater, here is a viable rodmaking adhesive pores are open the top glued. Further experiments to get the strength of resorcinol is two part, a years., do you remember the colour purple to be poor glue selection during.., do you remember the colour on your overalls at the violet or the red of! And he gave me some left over T-88 adhesive it 's purplish, one that! And this is a great glue you will be able to distinguish this also I! As is Cascamite ( now called extramite ) the pure resorcinol is two part, a resin. A reasonable price for the Rodmakers pack the fits between surfaces are very good picture, but I don t! The old rodbuilders e.g Hardy, Allcocks etc nothing like the true purple stuff is not available.! To naturally occuring phenols, at SRG this year I picked up some resorcinol glue, I spliced few. With denatured alcohol, acetone, and not affect bond strength a third of a partially condensed resorcinol-formaldehyde that. Site for Aircraft building supplies purple colour deterrant for using this glue positive you order! By Humbrol resorcinol glue advantage is Cascamite ( now called extramite ) me think the reason DAP is selling! Told that they plan to discontinue production of Resorcinal and if the glue does go! Colors of flamed bamboo in order of darker to lighter many adhesive substances that considered. Colours it may have actually been an improvement out CP adhesives wood in your guitar,,. The uses of Urac and resorcinol change of manufacturers, and later heat them... At boating supply stores which has turned over more recently than at hardware. Is expensive but mine has stayed good a long time ( especially for `` resorcinol glue for me, always...

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