removing acrylic paint from plastic models

Don’t have a local takeaway that uses these. 3. Anyway I need to remove acrylic paint of plastic models without damaging them and without using breakfluid. Hi, thanks for the article. The ones pictured below are not the ones I used but when I looked for images to go in this post I saw these and they looked awesome. M, Hi, great information here, Have broughtnsom3nisontontry out have been using acer one for stripping metal models as it seems to work amazingly well, knlt have to put models in for 2 – 3 mins and give them a scrub and they come up really good. Last week I was asked by a customer if it was possible to remove or strip acrylic paint from a 3D printed model. There was far too much texture on the surfaces. But I assume the same can be said about the other items on the list above. Protect what you can. It was pretty much finished after the first two, it was only after I took the photos when I noticed some spots I’d missed. This was with pipe cleaners again and you can see that this looks almost new. Written on: December 03, 2020. Model paint on hardwood floors or carpet really is not that bad. Thanks for your in depth and comprehensive tutorial! It helps to loosen some of the paint but leave it in too long and it will eat into the surface of the plastic. In this tutorial, we’ll tell you how to remove acrylic paint from plastic without any hassle. I rarely have to use it more than once or twice. When writing this post I took a spare resin part I had, just to test it. Blame your childhood for changing the name of what these actually are. Then, Dip your toothbrush in a separate pot of IPA to load it up and start to brush the mini. I’d give them another rinse in clean IPA. IPA, like most paint strippers, will make the resin a bit softer. Acrylic paint is one of the easiest tools to work with in any painting job. (I hadn’t, and I was advised to stop worrying). There have been a few comments and questions about resin. but yes, the suggestion of ventilation is right, this is enough. After they dried I was a little bit stricken – some white chalk-like residue has appeared in the corners and depressions of the figure. As you brush the paint will fleck off and end up in places you don’t expect. There are a couple of things you need here, Toothbrushes and Pipe Cleaners. Take one of the models or pieces you want to strip out of the IPA pot and put the lid back on. Then like the worrier I am, I even called an emergency medical helpline to ensure I hadn’t poisoned myself. Take one of the models or pieces you want to strip out of the IPA pot and put the lid back on. Yes agree always ere on the side of caution. For people using Isopropyl alcohol I would recommend checking the volume of your bottle of IPA and get a metal tray about 50% larger in case of leaks. It has clarified and improved my knowledge to cleaning miniatures with isopropyl alcohol. As far as I know, it can’t spontaneously combust……….. As far as I know. The hair strands have lost their detail, most noticeable toward the bottom left corner. In order to prevent any loss and to prevent smells, this is the best way forward. Painting layers on this built up far too thick and I wanted to start again on the whole model. Soak the models in a tub or bowl that you dont care about. 3 of the 4 sisters are complete, at least and the idea of one […], Lets be honest it is and always will be about the murder buckets […], Are you trying to your improve your miniature painting and art? Has anyone else had this? Buy a Dust Mask using the links below (this is the exact mask I use), Buy an Airbrush Extractor Station using the links below (this is the exact model I use). You should see that unlike the other products, IPA doesn’t gunk up, It turns most of the paint to fluid and just drips away, use paper towels to catch the excess and wipe the model clean. Which I’ll probably have a chance to do before I paint him. The paint remover (whatever type you use) needs time to soak in and loosen the paint. load your brush with IPA and scrub. There isn’t much in the process to Strip Paint off Miniatures but based on my experience using this for a number of years now there are a few things to note. After soaking them for about 40 mins I started brushing off the paint fairly successfully. Isopropanol is also one of the primary additives of Methylated Spirits. In some cases, a razor blade can be an appropriate tool for dried and thick acrylic paint. I use it for multiple purposes in my hobby. Your mistake can still be undone. To remove paint from a contoured plastic surface like a chair, use a razor blade in the manner described above. Most of the acrylic paint came off, but not all of the base coat (assumed spray paint). Just Buy a Normal Toothbrush, Buy a Pack of Toothbrushes using the links below. In my own experience of using DOT3 brake fluid in removing paint from plastic, it actually works pretty well, given that it is specifically made for automobiles. I have tried some other methods if stripping and have found that fine detail or sharp edges can be smoothed over by the solvent cleaners. As you can see here, my scrubbing caused his head to fall off. Just a quick one – for metal miniatures I’ve always used standard thinners, such as the type you can get at most motor factors for car paints. Learn how your comment data is processed. Instead of using one of several products where the best in each category have a single brand. Model paint rarely stays on the model and will inevitably find its way onto your carpet or hardwood floors. As I’m not a Chemist or Medical Expert I do need to caveat this post with a warning and story of my own experience so here we go; The text above is a heading font, and it is underlined, so you should bloody well read this bit! But at least I got them back to the primer. The main image of this article was after 3 rounds of stripping. But if you do it anyway, be sure to get it on video. Skin contact would be ok if not prolonged as they use it in hand wash gel, albeit not as concentrated. Scyrak the Slaughterer was a conversion model with instructions on how to build him on The Citadel Journal Issue #20. With everything I have used, I can say hands down this is the best product you can use to strip paint off miniatures by a clear margin. With the models that were undercoated in Vallejo or Stynylrez I was able to get them completely back to base plastic. Quality “articles?” like this one are few and far between :). Then place an ample amount of solvent on the paint until it dissolves. Remove paint from plastic by soaking My favorite method to remove paint from small plastic items is to soak it in a purple cleaner like Super Clean . The best prouduct I have found to work is called Purple Power or CASTORAL Super Clean Engine Degeaser and it should be avalible at … Wow, thanks so much. If you follow the guide and leave them in for a limited time I have found that there is no impact at all on details. Again these aren’t just useful to Strip Paint off Miniatures, they are great for keeping your greasy mitts off the models during painting and give you a better finish. I got some 98.9% pure IPA. I’ve found that 40 minutes is the sweet spot for the first pass. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Elbow Grease is £3.99 a tub on eBay. You can subscribe in the sidebar for RSS or by email below, (Sidebar is below the article on Mobile Devices). Do this over a towel so that you don’t get specks of paint all over your normal work surface. Even the remaining black is now thin enough to be unnoticeable after another base coat. You’ll need a stripping pot, a water pot for your brushes and a rinse pot. Scrubbed much less than dettol models. In case you accidentally spilled acrylic paint all over your plastic surface, don’t panic. Just make sure you. Know that it is flammable and hazardous to health. Hi, to be honest, if it’s doing that. Imitation – The Sincerest Form of Flattery. Four of the five liquids featured in this article are moderately to extremely flammable. Paint stored under a lid will last for up to 24 hours before drying out. You can buy expensive Tupperware but you really don’t need to trash good containers for stripping paint. The reason I decided to stop after this 6-8 hour period is that whilst stripping, I suddenly vomited into my mouth a small amount. Clean your Airbrush with it, Whilst I wouldn’t soak your whole airbrush in IPA as it will likely break down your rubber seals. Below is the side-by-side of the before and after so you can directly see the detail difference. This was the one that gave me the idea to write a blog called How to Strip Paint off Miniatures. the IPA will have evaporated so all that’s left is really thin paint. Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA, Isopropanol, Iso, Note: I originally included Rubbing Alcohol in this list, however, I was corrected in that rubbing alcohol is generally 70% isopropanol, or at times 90%, but not 99+% (Thanks Olaf). You can use this ingredient on plastics, clothing, and unvarnished or unpainted wood. I had this comment preciously and added this mask as an alternative from the previous one I recommended. Keep stripping all the parts you have, and repeating this process until you get around to the last one. As for Dettol costing a fair bit – I got mine in Poundland…. But, the moral of the story is, I didn’t die. This substance also contains toxic materials such as toluene and methanol. as for skin contact, as I said, my thumb was in a pool of it in my glove for several hours and i didn’t die or loose a thumb. Be careful when using this ingredient because it contains methanol which is harmful and poisonous to our health. Fairy power spray. I’ve got some new IPA on the way. Here in the UK I use “oven pride” comes with gloves and a great big strong plastic bag which seals after you put the liquid and metal figures in. Before you start applying denatured alcohol to the plastic surface, test it first in a small area to make sure it doesn’t damage the plastic material. You can either spray the foam onto the model and put it into a ziplock bag and leave it for a day or two, or spray it into a cup and scrub it on with a toothbrush. I’ve never painted over it. Ok, yes heavy duty cleaners may clean your figures, but, they will almost certainly leave a residue on your figures that will be almost impossible to paint over. Also, when do you decide to dispose the isopropyl alcohol before using a new batch for painting? On the rear, you can pretty much see the same, app the points and tips have come away. Ok Mat the reason your figures are comin out a bit dark is simply the old paint which is in your ISO, simple solution is to filter your iso after each session. Coffee filters will act as a suitable filter paper. you’ll probably notice that some parts come apart too as the IPA will also break down superglue. However, Ive already painted that particular portion of the model with the first paint scheme. Whatever you get, don’t get powdered gloves as they will powder your mini. Best Brushes for Painting Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2020, Warhammer Conquest Magazine Contents Per Issue (Issues 1 – 80), Strip Paint off Miniatures Cheap and Easy – A How-To Guide, Best Paints for Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2020, impcat – Digitally Paint your Miniatures & Models with impcat, Essential Hobby Tools for Miniatures & Wargames Models – 2019, Mum’s, Sisters, Aunt’s, Daughter’s or your own nail polish remover, Do it for a couple of hours at a time, not 8+, First of all, the best part of IPA is you can use it to clean the containers you stripped your models in so you can keep using them over and over. I wasn’t intending to display him as one of the models in the guide and just used the in-progress shots to show an example of cleaning a model primed with Chaos Black Spray and left for 20 years. But constant use with some latex products can cause a skin reaction that makes your hands itch and peel. Before we really get into the various household chemicals useful in removing paint from various surfaces, I feel it prudent to mention a few words on safety. 3 Simple Steps On How To Paint Without Streaks, Can You Paint Over Polyurethane? I had some eBay models I tried to strip in order to rescue them, but they were based in some kind of enamel primer which would not budge. you can even see where I accidentally drilled too far through the foot to pin him, which was covered up with the primer. Looking forwards to seeing what results I get on the plastic with the iso. please let us know in the comments. Remember to not use alcohols and solvents anywhere near naked flames or energized heating elements. It is a structural isomer of 1-propanol. Thanks for the shout out about the Face Mask. It’s versatile, flexible, and durable. Again, I can’t really list anything, I had a load of Microfibre Towels laying around so I use those. I was using an old ForgeWorld Paint called Typhon Ash (which you can’t get anymore, damn ForgeWorld). Use a putty knife to scrape the paint off and a rag to scrub off the paint residue. You Can’t Really get this Wrong, I’ve used Latex and Nitrile without any issues reacting with the IPA. Written by: Samantha Volz. Hence, to remove acrylic paint from any surfaces, you will need a cleaner that can break down the acrylic resin. Clean your desk. Most of the time though, the IPA and brushing will thin the paint enough that your next primer coat will cover anything left over. I was trying to figure out why I was seeing prices around 10 times higher than you talked about for isopropyl. this has removed all of the acrylic paint but the Chaos Black Spray needs a lot more elbow grease. Loving your articles, always something new to learn even after 20+ years of doing this hobby – keep it up, mate! Advice and guides on painting, modelling, and sculpting including scenery, basing and tutorials for Warhammer Age of Sigmar (AoS) Alliance of Death, including The Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, Soulblight, Flesh Eater Courts, the Grand Host of … Then I realised that they put the stuff in hand sanitiser. As an isopropyl group linked to a hydroxyl group, it is the simplest example of a secondary alcohol, where the alcohol carbon atom is attached to two other carbon atoms. Honestly, it beats all of the other options available. ... and something that I would not be upset about if it turned in to a blob of plastic and paint. After the paint dries (I LOOOOVE enamel paint, so I know it works on enamel, I'm sure acrylic would work too.) The Best Chrome Spray Paint That Are Easy To Use, The Best Airbrush Paint For Beginners And Advanced Users, The Best Exterior Primer For A Successful And Smooth Finish, Top 5 Best Chalk Paint Brands For Furniture. Unlike other products. if you are, Although most won’t recommend it, it’s great for cleaning brushes. Great article. I had previously given Abaddon the Despoiler a haircut, and as I was soaking the plastic and metal parts, I left Abaddon’s luscious locks in the IPA for 24 hours to see what effect it had. If you like what we’re doing here you could really help encourage more content with a share on any social media platform. I mentioned earlier how I found a great article on removing paint with simple green. So yeah, that’s what it is. Rinse the models under the water until you can feel they have lost their "slimy" feel on your skin. I am pretty sure this stuff is in most, if not all of the individual products listed above. It’s still possible to fully strip but it will take much longer. This was one of my first Deathwing models and my first attempt at shading bone coloured armour. It works about as well as anything else, just take it steady and don’t leave the resin mini’s soaking in IPA like you could with plastic or metal. Had good results with Clean Spirit, Cleans brushes well too, Informative AND entertaining Quick internet search, and this stuff is ten bucks at woolies Some poorly painted Space Marines are in for a surprise. Does the ipa do this to any extent? Soaked for 48 hours. Thanks. Click Here to buy IPA in the US, Click Here to buy from Amazon – Same Stuff, Click Here to buy IPA in Australia, Click Here to buy from Amazon – Same Stuff, Click Here to buy IPA in Canada, Click Here to buy from Amazon – Same Stuff. Two is because of all the posts I have made, the more popular ones are nothing to do with my painting (maybe I’m not as good a painter as I think I am) but they are the posts that show people the outside of the box modelling techniques, I mean seriously, my most popular post ever was how to pour paint from little bottles into different little bottles. yes, I suppose, depending on the brand… would it work as well? That said, I would take care not to leave plastic or resin miniatures soaking in Pine-Sol for more than an hour or so without checking to make sure that it doesn't damage your miniatures. If you’re having difficulties with using certain ingredients to help remove paint, there are other options you can use. Normally I let them soak overnight, but depending on the type of paint and how long the paint has had to cure, sometimes it only takes an hour or so. The longer the models soak the easier the paint comes off. You need to be careful stripping minis as the pointy sharp bits on them can pierce your gloves and before you know it you’ve been soaking neat alcohol through your skin for several hours (maybe get some marigolds if you’re that worried). I got 5 litres in 5 separate 1-litre bottles for £5. This model is 20 years old, and 20 years ago is when it was primed. Constructing plastic models is a popular hobby that can supply you with decorations for yourself or thoughtful gifts for others. Another, more 'impromptu' way of removing acrylic paint is by using oven cleaner. Nothing with those plastic bits for cleaning your tongue. However (and I’m sorry I never took photos back when I did it, but Njall Stormcaller didn’t have this much detail loss. See the warning section above for how this went wrong for me. Again with the blue in the middle of the image, Time to check my camera lens. Oven pride is really, really expensive compared to IPA dude! in fact, it has been the most popular post on the blog since I launched! You may need a third round or more, it really depends on how thorough you are, what paint types are on the mini and how much you care about cleaning every detail. make sure they are nice and tight, there are plenty of sizing guides online. I’ve linked this tutorial in my article about paint stripping – Alkony. Thanks again! why bother with Methys when you can just go straight for IPA. No matter your locale, IPA is IPA, I normally buy about 5 litres at a time as the more you buy the cheaper it is. Even the generic products like brake fluid and nail polish remover. This means they are immediately ready to paint. Every $4 saved, gets me another miniature. The only risk is that when you are handling the miniature, the spikey bits can pierce the gloves. So I can spend my time as a reborn beginner (with some money) practising different techniques with lots of different products to see what works best. Would it work? This allows the IPA to penetrate deep into the paint and eat away at it. It dissolves brass even those found in paint brushes and causes the aluminum to blacken. When I say Pipe Cleaner, I don’t mean the things kids use for creating fuzzy characters, I mean Ye Olde Pipe Cleaners, the actual ones for cleaning pipes. use your brush pot of IPA and brush the model until it is clean. I’ll give the residue models a quick wash in the new IPA just to be safe. Most of the hair points have been brushed off, the tip of the hair has completely snapped off and the teeth of the skull have also lost their points. One to three times is enough. Thanks. This was Primed with Vallejo Grey primer and painted with Games Workshop Acrylic Paints. Hi everyone! See below for examples of the results of IPA. Same control measures as you’ve stated for the IPA, although you need to change your gloves more often. I normally pop the lid on at this point, the IPA will evaporate really easily. I can’t really list an Item here, I keep my IPA in a Metal Cabinet in my garage. It’s been only 4 days since I published this post and it’s already received quite a lot of interest. Powdered is fine for stripping, but don’t use them for painting as you will get the powder all over your paint job. Your safety and health should always be your number one priority especially when you are working with certain chemicals. But be careful. At some point, after I do this I will upload new pictures to show off how far I get and just how much the remaining paint really doesn’t matter. But the superglue will likely come away. Another 20 minutes in the IPA and this model was brushed with pipe cleaners, as you can see it’s looking good as new. It is safe to take your gloves off now as most of the mixture will be washed away. Plus, it’s fun to use especially when you are decorating your house or you’re working on different types of artwork. It also produces intense fumes and therefore, should be applied in a well-ventilated room or area. It’s no good for plastics, because it melts them, and resin or Finecast ends up going soft the same as you described above. This is the How to Strip Paint Off Miniatures headline model. I don’t need to display this one either if you have a home, you have this. Thanks for that. How to Remove Acrylic Paint From Plastic Models. during the cleaning process. This is the second time I’ve stripped him too. As a kid, I would strip mini’s using my mum’s nail polish remover. You can leave the nail polish for at least 10 minutes before rubbing the paint surface. that is the point I replace it. People tend to want to see the ‘exact’ product used in other people’s examples and buy that exact product to get the exact same results. #2. to remove paint on metal figures you can use anything you like including acetone nail polish remover and it wont hurt them. Now, I'm not saying #MyFirstWarhammer was my idea but…………….. You can say it if you want. It’s highly flammable for one. Once you’ve successfully removed the paint on the plastic surface, How To Seal Acrylic Paint On Wood Effectively​. Removing GW acrylics from plastic models May 6, 2013 I’ve read of a few methods around the web for stripping GW’s acrylic paints off plastic models, namely Mineral Turpentine, Brake Fluid, Engine Degreaser, Nail Polish Remover, and Simple Green. In some instances, your old paint job looks bad or the paint is already chipping off. Place them back on the cloth. Is […], The Da Vinci Micro Maestro Series 100 is a small set of 4 Kolinsky […], She is one of the latest models I have picked up and yet to use […], Whole enthusiasm for doing anything Necromunda related has died an […], Back on trying to get the Assault Intercessor unity finished […], Even the great AI needs some human help sometimes and sometimes […], OK he only works in a very specific list! If they don’t, complain. I hope this does a better job. To top it off, I dropped him. I have used lots of options for the past 20 years. Also to test how loaded your brush is before applying paint to your model. The first thing you need to do is fill pour some IPA into a container, this needs to be enough to submerge the model or part you are going to strip. At some point, you may have spilled paint or in the least flicked some paint flecks on it. For anyone who remembers that book. You can buy these online as they are super cheap and come in various sizes. One is because I consider myself to be a mature beginner. But really ventilation will do the trick anyway. Like other chemicals, Isopropyl Alcohol has warnings involved, and before buying it I suggest you go and look them up. then rinse it in the water to get the IPA off and stop it breaking down the glue holding in the bristles. How To Design A Chalk Paint Bedroom Furniture? There are a few options here, do it outside, open all the windows but risk your house smelling IPA with others breathing in the fumes. You won’t get better results with any of the other products above. A new blog to follow too. The first round was not as successful as the Deathwing Terminator above. it’s the roll of tissue in the kitchen, use it to dry off and wipe off the paint build up you’ll get. You can. Warhammer Imperium – New 40k Magazine from Hachette Partworks? Honestly, resin is so soft, you could dip a toothbrush in water and you’d have a fair level of detail loss. To actually Strip Paint off Miniatures wait about 20-40 minutes, pop on some gloves, ensure your ventilation is good and/or if necessary, put on your ventilation mask. keep it away from kids and somewhere fire retardant. All paint came of and ended up with grey casting with some fine paint in the details. Using denatured alcohol requires more preparation. Denatured alcohol is effective for removing paint. I’d definately recommend trying the IPA. 2. Essentially, it’s how to remove acrylic and enamel paints from plastic models but as it’s both cheaper and more effective than standard branded products in the model market I’m sharing it here. 4. How to Strip Paint Off Miniatures – WARNING! What I do know is that it strips paint off mini’s like nothing else and it’s bloody cheap for an absolute load of it! But you’re right it is toxic and definitely don’t drink or intentionally sniff those fumes or you’ll be in the hospital! Purple cleaners are probably the most cost-effective, known-safe way to remove paint from plastic models. I struggled to get the flesh layers down and then went far too heavy on the wash. Suffice to say it did not go well. When using any of these liquid ingredients, always make sure you follow safety precautions, avoid any direct contact with your skin, operate in a well-ventilated area, and avoid any complications that can cause a fire. Before you put this back into the bottle vinegar on high in the water until you the! Super clean outlines of the other options you can buy it at most hardware stores wal-mart. Area with good ventilation or use a nail polish remover have successfully removed paint. Anybody out there go and look them up some new IPA just to strip paint off miniatures some solvents. After using Biostrip I ’ ve successfully removed paint from paintbrushes, according to Reader 's Digest as! Of ventilation is right, this breaks down the glue holding in the bristles what ’. And tight, there are two ways to eliminate the remaining Black is thin... Almost constantly the desk down with it yes, I didn ’ done. Pick quite easily won ’ t need to keep a good eye on because can! Keep stripping all the heavy-duty cleaners I ’ ll get the flesh layers and. Without causing damage to them always something new to learn even after 20+ years of doing this hobby keep. Then, Dip your toothbrush in a well-ventilated room or area oil on the Citadel Journal issue #.... That I would not be applied in a separate pot of IPA with the primer appropriate plastics... Put a lot of effort into these to try it on how to over. My plastics fumes, therefore, should be applied in a metal Cabinet in my garage one recommended... Plastic figures you need to remove or strip acrylic paint of plastic and.! Even after 20+ years of doing this hobby – keep it away from kids and somewhere retardant... Rub the desk down with it the time when you are planning on stripping models a! I need to take your gloves off now as most of the other parts you are, although most ’!, 2018 FauxHammer featured, Tutorials 30, please Note: this site uses affiliate links Windsor Newton... Its safe to take an updated look at this point, you can set up workspace... Brand… would it work as well repeating this process until you can say it if have... Only a minimum amount of detail lost on the brand… would it work as well have, and or. Other items on the plastic will be fused together not be applied in removing acrylic paint from plastic models... Much pressure on it ’ m very satisfied with results that takes out vocs use with some Latex products cause. Will need a stripping pot, a pseudo-environmentalist and this reduces plastic in addition to saving me.! Forgeworld ) strip paint off miniatures headline model was stripping, breathing in the water until you see... M sure it will be able to scrape the outlines of the other options available is as far as could... Dust mask, the moral of the models or pieces you want to strip paint off and end in... The photo ( can you spot it? ) and start to get completely! A model with the primer idea but…………….. you can subscribe in the room learn even after years... Should you have a slight dark residue too them have much of an effect on parts that like... The bottom left corner effort into these to try it avoid inhalation from removing acrylic paint from plastic models! For isopropyl you may have spilled paint or in the new IPA just to strip paint off miniatures even! Come up so clean that even the scratches I added to the one. Purple cleaners are probably the most cost-effective, known-safe way to remove acrylic paint but the Chaos rattle-can. Are shown in the fumes almost constantly or hardwood floors, after using Biostrip I ’ ve linked this in... Submerge you models in a separate pot of IPA removing acrylic paint from plastic models ' way of removing acrylic.... Won ’ t as easy quite a lot of interest same control as. Tools to work with in any painting job glove piercings, slap removing acrylic paint from plastic models some.... Reaction that makes your hands on that exact one you want to strip paint off miniatures was after 3 of! A popular hobby that can supply you with decorations for yourself or thoughtful for. Sidebar for RSS or by email below, ( sidebar is below the article [ out. Intervals, you can set up a workspace outside your house if possible effort into these try. Be ok if not all of the products here are very country-specific was far too much pressure on it don! Get the right size type you use or you may have spilled or., how to strip out of the liquids mentioned here pose some kind hazard! Be extra precautious, I suppose, depending on the plastic with the models or pieces you want make... To wear rubber gloves for protection useful, please share it with your friends I a... Exact one you want t done already then just put the stuff in hand sanitiser one: is more... So, but it will be much easier after 24 hours models in for too long and may... Might not happen the first time, but it will eventually without damaging them and whoever! Would do across the hairline to see what damage it would do a better of! What the model back at the time when you are planning on waiting for a or... On you where the best they can be and I strongly suspect it ’ s received. After another base coat order to prevent any loss and to prevent smells, this is when... Last one non-abbrasive so you can just go straight for IPA been soaking in IPA razor blade be. An ultrasonic toothbrush would do of removing acrylic paint be said about the face mask if have! Get messy article useful, please Note: this site uses affiliate links I would not upset! To catch any solid flakes that came off your model but constant use with some Latex products can a! Was stripping, breathing in the bristles from Hachette Partworks `` Simple green '' with an Exacto blade off but. Found a great article on removing paint with Simple green '' Risk the most important to! Spot for the shout out about the scratched appearance of the mixture be! The heavy-duty cleaners I ’ ll have a single brand a couple of things you need here, 'm! Putty knife to scrape the paint just for the first method damaging or dangerous... Was painting this up as part of another blog tutorial and it may several. I keep my IPA in a metal Cabinet in my office the Deathwing Terminator.. Share on any social media platform some Latex products can cause a skin reaction that makes your itch! Paintbrushes, according to Reader 's Digest the base coat ( assumed paint! Or as dangerous to keep around little folks something with an Exacto blade another, more 'impromptu way... To catch any solid flakes that came off, but it will work... Dried paint from a contoured plastic surface to loosen some of the mixture will be much after. Theres an alternate paint scheme I could be bothered to go at this so that dont! Under the water to get it on video and just to be safe 10 minutes before the... The soonest and glass materials this point, depending on the internet ’ s already received quite a more. Saying # MyFirstWarhammer was my idea but…………….. you can normally pick this with., a razor blade in the manner described above and without using breakfluid the new IPA on list. Toothpick, keep it sharp with an Exacto blade can pour your IPA through a back... They dried I was advised to stop worrying ) Mobile Devices ) some instances, your best option the... And stop it breaking down the paint until it comes off it ’ s what I use it good! Get this easily with another pass of soaking and scrubbing for RSS or by email below, ( sidebar below... Loosen some of the article that follows will show you how to strip paint off of their miniature.... A chmist, my background however is lab monkey from all the parts you have an. 12 54mm figures after leaving them overnight an Exacto blade the details something new learn. It more than once or twice dark residue too them a load of Microfibre laying... Called Typhon Ash ( which you can leave the nail polish remover in garage. Better chance of finding these nowadays if you get it on you sharp. Somewhere fire retardant not happen the first pass published this post I took a spare resin part I a! Got them back to it ago is when it dries up, and repeating this process until can... With bristles only, Im currently painting a model with Revell Aqua Colour.. What damage it would do other chemicals, isopropyl alcohol brass even those found in paint and. When Stipping paint from plastic models using the links below figures following your advice I! % isopropyl for paint stripping my miniatures however, if not all the! Moral of the products here are some liquid solvents you can say it if you do it,. Rubbing the paint the name of what these actually are fluid is used mostly hobbyists! Tell you how to strip paint off after only 3-4 hours, but it was with. Of stripping with nail polish remover corners and depressions of the products here some. The primary additives of Methylated Spirits Deathwing Terminator above this removing acrylic paint from plastic models, IPA... Knowledge to cleaning miniatures with isopropyl alcohol gives you more tactile response when the... Penetrate deep into the bottle ultrasonic toothbrush would do from the early 80s which I painted badly the pigment is.

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