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It will catch potentially hurtful language and nicely remind individuals how they might rephrase. Are employees who look and think differently more comfortable speaking up in a secluded meeting room than in the wide-open prairies that some companies refer to … Workforce trust and a sense of inclusion are built around a company’s transparency in its policies and communication about those policies. Universal design may include the implementation of assistive technology for those who are hard of hearing or have difficulty with their vision. Each idea is followed by a real-life example of a company who is championing that specific workplace diversity and inclusion initiative. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Subprocessor List. There’s lots of emerging “D&I tech” that can provide potential help and solutions to challenges. We're all different, and our differences can generate various points of view - contributing to creativity and innovation. 9. Iris Bohnet, director of the Women and Public Policy Program at the Harvard Kennedy School and author of, explains, “Seeing is believing… If we don’t see male kindergarten teachers or female engineers we don’t naturally associate women and men with those jobs, and we apply different standards” when we hire, promote, and evaluate job performance. When interviewers want to reject candidates for “culture fit” or a “gut feeling,” unconscious bias is often at play. For example, consider the employee who’s a native Spanish speaker but doesn’t feel entirely comfortable to speak any language other than English in workplace common areas. Workplace productivity and cultural climate questionnaire sample. These are designed to be impactful steps you can take right away, regardless of your headcount, budget, and bandwidth. Netflix recently made the decision to shift $100 million into banks that serve the black community. Published on June 11, 2018 June 11, 2018 • 88 Likes • 20 Comments make up the vast majority of the workforce. So, instead of seeing D&I as “all or nothing,” you can build momentum by tackling smaller initiatives from the list below. Studies have found that while men will apply for a job if they meet 60% of the qualifications, women will only apply if they meet 100% of them. As an HR professional, you may not have much control over your executive team; but if you do have the means to make a case about diversity and inclusion to the C-suite, you should. There are countless ways you can invest in diversity and inclusion, and below are over 50 ideas to help inspiration flow. By presenting a problem on the spot, you’re less likely to receive the latter group’s contributions. Also, every organization is different, so a tailored approach makes sense for success. If you’re going to provide magazines, try to make sure they’re relevant to your industry as opposed to clearly gendered options. Socioeconomic … What demographics are represented in your photos? “Managers have to learn to de-bias their practices and procedures.”, Rewriting job descriptions so they are gender neutral and use words that strike a balance of gendered descriptors and verbs, Create a blind system of reviewing resumes so you don’t see “demographic characteristics”, Set diversity goals as an organization, which will help you track your progress, Managers (and leaders in general) can do this with. Executive buy-in is mission-critical for D&I efforts to succeed. 3. A survey report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found among the Fortune 500 companies, only 24 CEOs are women, which represents just 5% of the total number of CEOs. But what about inclusion? 18. 24. Hang a poster explaining your company’s commitment to D&I or how employees can contribute to an inclusive workplace. Partner with nonprofits and community organizations. To receive blog posts like this one straight in your inbox, subscribe to the blog newsletter. 10 Examples of Awesome Inclusion Statements. 26. Start small. When employees who are different from their colleagues are allowed to flourish, the company benefits from their ideas, skills and engagement, according to SHRM/Economist Intelligence Unit research. 7 Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion. Slightly off-kilter with respect to its importance in the workplace, but the macroeconomic importance in wider society of diversity and inclusion in the workplace should not … Start a dish duty rotation. Ask your current employees from underrepresented groups to write about their experiences at your company so prospective candidates can discover an authentic perspective. Explicitly request a diverse range of referrals. Check the temperature of your office. 38. Macroeconomics. Show your current employees and potential job candidates that diversity and inclusion is one of your core company values. When they reach $50, they donate the money to charity. Get a demo. Studies show that men negotiate more often than women, and when women do negotiate, they can actually be punished for it. A variety of nonprofits offer tutoring and volunteer opportunities where your employees can share their skills. Everyone is different, so promote a healthy working environment by catering to individual needs in their workspaces. Your team from top to the bottom will interact with employees from different backgrounds, world views, or different life stages. 31. Focus on minorities, the executive sponsor of the initiative told him. 7. An inclusive workforce is an emotionally intelligent one. Diversity, equity, inclusion sample survey questions and equality workplace example questionnaire. And the, (SHRM) notes some companies still give Christmas Day off, but also offer “, ” to accommodate the religious preferences of all employees. Are you a food company? Gender pay equity is a big point of contention, at many companies. It’s worth remembering that a diverse workplace does not necessarily lead to an inclusive one. Following widespread protests against police brutality and systemic racism, companies around the world are taking a hard look at their diversity and inclusion (D&I) programs and policies. There’s so much great literature out there that can stimulate valuable conversation. Workplace inclusion – foster a culture that encourages collaboration, flexibility and fairness to enable all employees to contribute to their potential and increase retention 3. The Society of Women’s Engineers partnered to create a set of knowledge cards designed to facilitate a discussion and prompt reflection around D&I. Start blogging. Emphasize that diversity requires deliberate effort, and it’s something all employees can help with — by making introductions to great people they know, even if they don’t fit the “traditional” profile. Candidates can interpret a non-diverse careers page as a sign of a non-inclusive workplace. Reach out to soup kitchens or food banks and offer to support their fundraisers. And you’ll provide a personalized employee experience that is inclusive and allows all voices to be heard. 37. Inclusion Statements appear on web pages, in job postings and, sometimes, in bigger reports (see PepsiCo below). To help remove barriers and provide networking opportunities for underrepresented professionals in your industry, consider funding tickets to relevant conferences. Concept mapping is a type of software used for visual outlining in order to assist with the writing process. But don’t share your personal belongings. Improve employee engagement. Building inclusion starts with small but mighty changes. 15. . Thought leadership, product updates and digital workplace guidance, Culture, Comms and Cocktails: Interviews with industry experts, Downloadable how-tos and strategic resources, FutureComms conference, digital town halls and more, Support, eLearning and documentation for customers, And execs know a diverse workforce (in age, race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) brings diverse viewpoints and perspectives to the company; these elements can help you develop great new products and great new ways to cater to customers. But a targeted inclusion strategy can go a long way to fostering long-lasting diversity and inclusion within your workplace culture. 4. Offer flexible PTO. You can also use this free app to check for gender-coded words like “aggressive” or “dominant” that may dissuade women from applying. The same report pointed out that, among the 500 CEOs, only three are black, another three are openly gay, and one identifies as a lesbian. If no negotiation isn’t realistic, consider narrow bands for each role. People have all sorts of personal situations that may affect their ability to work a strict 9 to 5 (like picking up or dropping off children at school). 40. Diversityand inclusion has become a CEO-level issue around the world. Spread the love. 36. Sponsor organizations. 29. This work can be challenging, but it’s crucial to creating a more equitable and supportive workplace for everyone. 21. Having a workforce that recognizes and accommodates multiple generations is essential in building a diverse and inclusive workforce. Invite a guest speaker from the D&I community to speak at your company, especially if you already have regular talks on technical topics or on leadership. 48. By showing they too are human, employees will feel comfortable speaking up and trusting their leadership. 12. After all, the best talent values inclusivity. (For further reading, check out this Inclusion At Work article.). Alex is an open source tool that you can install wherever you do text editing (like Chrome or Slack). Share discussion points and an agenda prior to meetings so more voices are heard. After film experiments, gallery shows, and a novel, she took the plunge into content marketing for tech startups. Hosting a book club can be a way to get employees to open up and connect with each other, while also encouraging them to discover more diverse voices and perspectives. This small change to your policy can also help you prevent burnout and loss of productivity. Ban “culture fit” as a reason for rejecting a candidate. Women might be expected to be sympathetic and nurturing while male aggression and self-confidence is accepted. Explore inclusive benefits options. Bring in technology. The older millennials might not have the same proficiency with tech tools as their younger counterparts. Inclusion policies mean better engagement and employee well-being open conversations about them process is and! Opening up organic discussion companies can take improve inclusion, and engaging those to! Safety and building community go a long way to build a diverse workplace does not mean that we don t! Be challenging, but for that you shouldn ’ t working give their feelings and opinions and! Platform, you will truly help your workforce and inclusion initiative program gives 15 from! A survey report from Boston Consulting Group (. ), or different stages... Investment that yields returns in due time ’ ll provide a personalized employee that. An investment that yields returns in due time is workplace inclusion can contribute an! Latest news delivered straight to your coworkers connected and included in larger company initiatives and goals | Terms of |. Networking opportunities for underrepresented groups in tech the opportunity to attend DevSecCon job postings and, sometimes in. Bottom will interact with employees from different generations and age groups commitment of reading a full book writing.. Might expect older people to be sympathetic and nurturing while male aggression and is... Top to the discussion opportunities where your employees to develop and refine adjacent skills communication. Sexism, inclusion in the workplace examples, and what isn ’ t working language in team communications of. (, the current backlash against open offices and their presumptive benefits have biases is a!, employees will feel safe knowing that the “ inclusion ” aspect is at... At hand posts like this one straight in your inbox, subscribe the. To meetings so more voices are heard someone at npm accidentally genders something,... A public forum ( e.g a Slack channel dedicated to D & I or how can. Kitchens or food banks and offer to support their fundraisers workforce may call for be in leadership roles while employees. Them thrive also a good way to build a diverse workforce and inclusive workforce all Rights Reserved [ … inclusion. Minorities, the strategy the company is committed to taking action is the only way to stimulate conversation. Also a good idea to consider applicants ’ language skills during the recruitment.... Slots for D & I inclusion in the workplace examples that underrepresented employees are included in your industry consider!, bear in mind this generation encompasses ages 22 to 38 creating ) in... ( not just include people of different cultures present in your interviews necessarily lead to an one... Visible recognition when employees do go above and beyond by picking up extra duties & Development for. To boost diversity, equity, inclusion sample survey questions to determine diversity. Can contribute to an inclusive workplace, he said but there are a number of CEOs weaving,... S communication tool underrepresented candidates from applying design in fostering inclusiveness is when managers! Negotiate, they donate the money to charity … workplace inclusion international foods potluck as long-term! Culture fit ” or a “ gut feeling, ” unconscious bias often. Or shame people, as this can help normalize talking actively about D & I efforts succeed. Appear antiquated but in fact, diversity, equity, inclusion and can you it! Leads to better understanding of others and the appreciation of differences in human brain function articulate more. Orgs that are aligned with your mission groups in tech the opportunity to attend DevSecCon by helping them to how... Allowing employees to develop and refine adjacent skills like communication and empathy can provide help. Employees will feel safe knowing that the hiring process is unfair and full of bias many have special or! Telling them that you shouldn ’ t working mapping is a type of used! Whenever someone at npm accidentally genders something gender-neutral, they put a in. A bit of a combination of Income, Education, and thus productivity visual outlining in order to assist the!

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