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That's Mighty Helpful, That's Mitre10.   0800 4 MITRE 10. For a burst of sweet winter fragrance, choose the ever-popular Daphne odora with its delicate, scented flowers and gorgeous, glossy foliage. Additional payment options available at selected stores, To contact your local store 0800 4 6487310 4:39 . Plant in Autumn/Early Winter. Summer bulbs cover a really wide range of beautiful flowers. In stock. There are over 400 "Mitre 10" and its associated "True Value Hardware" franchises throughout Australia. Deciduous trees usually drop their leaves when the weather cools but an exception is the copper beech (Fagus sylvatica var. Allow from 1-14 working days to collect. Sorry, we're unable to determine your location. Look around and you’ll be surprised at the attractions of a winter garden. Compost. Amgrow Lawn Connoisseur Slow Release Fertiliser 5kg . The bulbs of the giant Himalayan lily die after the scented white flowers are spent but the 2m stems of fat seed pods remain and – if you can bear to pick them – are great for flower arrangements. How to Grow Winter Veggies | Mitre 10 Easy As Garden - Duration: 4:39. They make a big impact planted out in all one colour and look just as good in a mixed colour planting. Many Mitre 10 stores offer a local delivery service. Red cabbage, curly kale, rainbow silverbeet and all sorts of herbs, such as the blue-flowering rosemary, not only complement a patio or entrance way but also provide some welcome seasonal greens. $31.99. Smaller ones include Chamaecyparis obtusa‘Confucius’ at 1.6m, Cupressus torulosa ‘Dorlin’ (2.5m), Juniperus communis ‘Gold Cone’ (1.5m), Juniperus x media ‘Sulphur Spray’ (2m), Thuja orientalis ‘Golden Ball’ and ‘Aurea Nana’ (1m) and Thuja occidentalis ‘Wareana Lutescens’ (1.5m). Hydrangeas do some heavy lifting in the garden. Flowers in Spring. Mitre 10 … There's no doubt that many gardens are at their peak in spring, thanks to the multitude of flowering shrubs and bulbs that do so well in our temperate climate. Whether it’s a burst of potted colour or some flowering-shrub favourites, there are plenty of options available to add some zing to winter. A couple to treat with caution are fennel and bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis), as both spread seed far and wide and the latter inhibits native plant growth. For something a little bit different, the flannel flower (Phylica pubescens) certainly delivers with its attractive cream, feathery flowers which last throughout the winter. pupurea) which clings to its foliage through the winter. COVID-19 Update to Customers Customers can shop with us in-store or online with our Click & Deliver or Drive & Collect services. Statuesque seedheads of Cardiocrinum giganteum. Despite the short days and coldest weather yet to come, your garden doesn’t have to be any less interesting or colourful. Winter berries are mainly the province of shrubs like Skimmia japonica and Berberis but the rowans (Sorbus) and variegated holly are hardy small trees that hold their fruit until the birds have exhausted other food sources. Please try searching by suburb or postcode. It produces gorgeous carmine-red buds that open to delicate fragrant white-tinged-pink flowers in winter through to early spring, and follows them up with dark metallic-blue berries. Add to Cart. Please try searching by suburb or postcode. There are other ways of ensuring interest in the winter garden. Some plants, like cobra lilies (Arisaema tortuosum) will continue to perform by holding a “torch” of berries long after the flowers have gone, while the seedheads of sedum retain some colour into winter and many grasses take on an elegant aspect when dusted with snow or frost. There's a bit of a knack when it comes to your winter vege planting. Don’t be too eager to clear flower beds. How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As - Duration: 8:21. This Policy is provided by the Mitre 10 store participating in this website that has been selected by the customer to buy the particular product/s that are subject to this Policy (Store). Add to Cart . Add to Shopping List Add to Compare. Please try again. C. stolonifera), grown mainly for their vivid winter stem colour. Please try again. Here are some of our favourite winter flowers available in store now. The Cheeky Series of garden ready Gerbera features masses of cute small blooms on long stems. 'Candy Lights' thrives in full sun and will be a profusion of red and white flowers almost year round, with sensational flower cover in winter. Some great winter flowers include: Pansies. If privacy is an issue, try a screen of thorny Berberis thunbergii ‘Helmond Pillar’, which still looks good when its leaves have fallen. 4:39 . It, too, has white flowers and attractive leaves in autumn. At Spotlight, we have a wide variety of colourful and lifelike artificial flowers and plants to choose from, from succulents to hydrangeas, peonies to lavender, and just about everything in between. How to Grow Winter Veggies | Mitre 10 Easy As Garden - Duration: 4:39. Be the first to review this product . Think of winter colour and the ever-popular pansy, with its delightfully bold blooms and robust nature, is sure to spring to mind. The succulent garden comes into its own in winter, with many of the aloes putting on a breathtaking display of fiery blooms. Winter is well and truly here, but just because the days are dark and dreary, doesn’t mean your garden has to be! How to Grow Citrus | Mitre 10 Easy As Garden - Duration: 5:38. Banner Mitre 10 Mt Gambier is 1 of 10 stores in the K & B Timber & Hardware group. Buy Bulbs & Seeds at Mitre10. Grown side by side, they look splendid. Collect from one of over 400 Mitre 10 or True Value Hardware stores across Australia. 372 likes. If you fancy a winter-flowering climber then look to Clematis cirrhosa var. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery.   0800 4 MITRE 10. Check out our range of Annual Flowers products at your local Bunnings Warehouse. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Additional payment options available at selected stores, To contact your local store 0800 4 6487310 Pick’n’Mix is an exciting new way of buying herb, vege and flower seedlings. There is just one drawback: both these dogwoods are suckering species. Saved by Mitre 10. To celebrate the launch of Awapuni Nurseries Pick’n’Mix seedlings at Mitre 10 Levin we’ve got three Pick’n’Mix vouchers to giveaway. If gardening is not quite your thing or bunches of flowers set off your allergies, then artificial plants and flowers can be a great way to add a burst of colour and style to your home. Although very attractive, it is suitable only for large gardens, as its eventual height can be 35m. In winter propagate new plants by making hardwood, or last season's growth, cuttings of shrubs such as roses, English box, lavender, fuchsias, hydrangeas, and abelia. Many dogwoods are small trees but two shrub-sized varieties are tops for winter. Follow us on Instagram too: @mitre10nz Increase humidity in winter and protect these cuttings by putting them under a plastic cover. But winter brings its own rewards – shrubs whose tiny flowers pack powerful perfume, berries that light up the garden, variegated and golden evergreens, or bark that glows on dull days. Banner Mitre 10 Mt Gambier. Great for adding a seasonal splash of colour to bedding, hanging baskets and other containers, this little stalwart will keep on delivering throughout the winter months. Visit us today for the widest range of Flowering Plants products. Sorry, this page is unavailable right now. For a thrilling burst of rich red, look no further than the gorgeous Azalea indica ‘Guanda Red’ with its large, soft-red double flowers which continue blooming throughout the winter months. Summer brings colour from masses of annuals and autumn sees some of the best perennials in bloom before we shut up shop for winter. Pansies prefer well-drained soil in sun or partial shade. Article originally published by: Kiwi Gardener. Flowers in Spring. CLICK 'N' COLLECT. Tough, evergreen foliage and an attractive compact habit make this shrub an ideal choice for … $10.50. An attractive, rounded, evergreen shrub (reaching a height of 1.5m), this sturdy specimen will grow vigorously in a well-drained sunny spot and requires little maintenance apart from cutting back after flowering. Viburnum tinus ‘Eve Price’ delivers on two counts. Cupressus sempervirens ‘Swane’s Gold’ will grow 8m but narrow enough (about 1m wide) to add height to a small garden, while for a native touch, try the lovely mini rimu Dacrydium cupressinum ‘Charisma’ (2.5m), or golden totara (Podocarpus totara ‘Aureus’) which can be used as a hedge or topiary specimen. Contact your local store about what options you have for local delivery. So here's a few tricks to help you keep them in top shape. A popular little flower which brings joy with their happy faces. Alternatively, cream and green Griselinia littoralis ‘Dairy Cream’ and ‘Dixon’s Cream’ are two of the lightest, brightest broadleafs. In a shady spot, it is impossible to ignore Cardiocrinum giganteum. Available in a wide range of colours from bright yellows through to scarlets and deep purples, this no-nonsense beauty can be grown from seed in summer to provide a long-lasting show of winter cheer. Small offsets around the dead bulb will grow to flowering size in a couple of years but seed-sown bulbs may take seven years to flower. Our Favourite Winter Flowers. Allow from 1-14 working days to collect Products delivered to one of over 400 Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores across Australia. Allow between 1-14 working days to collect. It does well in most garden soils and will cope happily with full sun or partial shade. The chain name references the mitre joint. Tough, evergreen foliage and an attractive compact habit make this shrub an ideal choice for structural planting, providing year-round interest. In stock. Plant them in the back of a flower bed where their 2m dry flower stalks can be left until spring. C. alba ‘Sibirica’ grows to 2m, has white flowers in summer, good autumn foliage colour then bright red stems in winter. Plant in sun or shade. Jun 29, 2020 - Discover the seasonal beauty of the hellebores. Shop the biggest brands online and in-store at everyday low prices. Globe artichokes and cardoons are high-rise perennial vegetables. purpurascens ‘Freckles’ with its distinctive speckled blooms. Find your nearest store. Products delivered to one of over 400 Mitre 10 and True Value Hardware stores across Australia. Mitre 10 New Zealand 273,792 views. It also does well in containers, but does prefer free-draining, slightly acidic soil. Stock availability. Its compact, evergreen nature makes it a good choice for year-round interest and it looks especially impressive when mass-planted. Sorry, this page is unavailable right now. Mitre 10 New Zealand 109,127 views. Mitre 10 … As an added bonus, the feathery blooms make great cut flowers. Mitre 10 - 1.77k Followers, 234 Following, 551 pins | We're all about DIY. Available at Mitre 10. Get them planted in winter, and come summer your garden will be flowering with colour. Leave sunflowers, too, so birds can eat the seeds – and any that spill from busy beaks will germinate in spring. It produces gorgeous carmine-red buds that open to delicate fragrant white-tinged-pink flowers in winter through to early spring, and follows them up with dark metallic-blue berries. There is a huge amount of variety in colours. 10. Mitre 10 is an Australian retail and trade hardware store chain. Grown in sun, golden conifers come into their own in winter. Perfect for brightening up pots on the patio, or adding to the garden for a boost of colour. Purple is a trickier winter colour, but because it is lightened with cream, native Pseudowintera colorata‘ Red Leopard’ is a choice shrub. Check out our complete range of Mr Fothergill's products. In stock. They are Cornus alba and C. sericea (syn. Plant Late Summer /Early Winter. Violas . Returns. They've got big flowers and they grow quickly. Garvinea are a unique selection of Gerbera specifically bred to provide months and months of flowers outdoors in your garden. Operations are based on a cooperative system, where the store owners are members of the national group and each has voting rights. C. sericea ‘Flaviramea’ has yellow stems. You don’t need much to plant summer bulbs, we’ll show you how it’s Easy As. Sorry, we're unable to determine your location. Skip to content .

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