is sonic faster than mario

but so far, Mario has more and better advantages over sonic. he is three times higher and larger than Mario. However, mario always has the same intention to save the princess from bowser in his adventure games and shows. Sonic is awsome because he can do awsome stuff and run fast but mario goes ......................... sonic da best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our hero is standing on top of everyone but Mario in terms of popularity, and it won't be that long 'till he leaves second place behind. Link. i cannot beleive that sonic is winning this argument!!! It is sad however that there are those comming close to Sonic speed, there is one character faster than Sonic and that is Super Sonic.-- Mystic Monkey 00:08, 18 March 2009 (UTC) but that's sonic with his beloved chaos emeralds. And sonic pretty much turns into a chain blade when he spins and cut through anything in his path. Where have you been for the last 20 years? but then again, most people consider that game to be horrible along with some of tails games. As much as I enjoy Sonic, I have to axe you a question. Luigi is Mario's fraternal twin brother. Also, about Mario somehow making more sense, answer me this: Where in real life do you see EVIL turtles? and where did those ramps come from anyways?! And you can't prove that we don't. kinect is a great way to get fit AND play video games! More games. 10. ~Go, Sonic! ~Go, Sonic! Of course Mario is light years better than pathetic boring Sonic, the only thing Sonic can do is just Run like a pinball sphere, I think Sonic was made straight outta pinball game, Sonic just sucks boring pathetic gameplay. By far, I prefer the Sonic characters. Mario would win screw sonic he thinks hes so cool get the point sonic fans Mario is the real deal sonic makes me so angry. Another thought: My brother is 7 and he pays Mario. game theory disproved sonic's notion of running at the speed of sound, don't believe me. If he didn't have them, he has his spines. Mario games and characters receive much better care and don't usually have their creators running out on them and they don't usually make bad games. The game wars is sonic vs. mario and if i vote for someone i vote for Sonic! Some of you mario fans may not have noticed but mario only saves peach and doesn't give a damn what is going on with the world. In can sometimes fly, shoot hammers with deadly accuracy, shoot fireball out of his hands, survive a fall from on top of a castle, and swim like an olympic athelete while seldom (or never) taking a breath. And what for? REALLY?!!!! He is always fighting to save so many people. Sonic is so awesome. Mario has High Stamina (Goes through a bunch of levels without getting tired), Superhuman Strength (Able to lift Bowser in Super Mario 64 and even throw him far), Superhuman durability (Can survive being crushed by a Thwomp) and Skilled Combatant (Able to fight hundreds of enemies effectively). Money and women are the most common reasons for murder in the real world, and apparently in the video-game world also: after all, isn't Mario doing it for Princess Peach and a bunch of coins? But Mario has left a much greater mark in gaming history and is known to just about everyone. How can't you like Sonic. Also sonic was kind of COMPLETELY INSPIRED BY THE FIRST LEVEL OF SUPER MARIO BROTHERS so all you sonic fanboys need to see that mario as a franchise has lasted longer, been more successful, and had much higher quality games. :), __________________________________________________, ---------------------------------------------------. sonic better because I like his music, like sonic heroes, city escape, endless possibly, seven rings in hand, let the speed mend it, and fist bump.The 3 charcters I like is shadow, metal sonic and sonic. I guartantee sonic is better because he has extreme speed and is faster than mario, sonic can kick mario's butt 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times ball mode, shadow, knux, and sonic are awesome and mario boooo. some people prefer Wario over Mario on various forums." Sonic tries to spice up the plot. sonic awesome. Sonic kills Mario with 1 hit. who gives a shit, sonic games are all shit and really short with no good storyline, sonic tries to copy off mario games eg mario kart, and always end up making a shitty second rate game that can never match one of marios games, finally sonic can go and fuck all his gay friends at sega who should all quit their jobs because they make the shittiest games, Sonic can do way more than just run fast he can fly has 5 different super forms hyper,super,darkspine,dark super sonic,sonic the werehog. They've even gone as far as to release Mario Maker, a game that allows players to create and share their own levels. I merely did my homework. Sonic is better all the way! 1,564 likes. Sonic is the best video game character ever. definately sonic, he is really cute and mario is so fat and useless. his games are challenging as well as awesome! Sonic has more adventures than Mario!! Sonic Would kill mario he is fat,slow, and he needs 1,000,000,000 power up to even have a chance. not to mention, the hate that sonic gets is usually more justifiable than the hate that Mario gets. And then there's Koopas, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, Shy-guys, Lakitus, Boos, Dry Bones, Bloopers, and so many others, not to mention all the boss fights that always end in death, except for Bowser and his kids. bowser will usually get tons of love and praise from the community, and other villains have also managed to avoid a ton of hate. Mario's villains have aged better than sonic's. They're both invincible!!! he isn't even good looking!!!! Mario has better storyline. Sonic rules!!!!! Eww, Luigi is Mario's twin BROTHER. and this is from my analysis of Mario's games + plus somebody elses post that has been copied and pasted. Another reason why sonic is better because all mario does is save that princess peach who had it with bowser(they are a bad couple) and sonic saves the world.SONIC U ROCK!!!!! U REATARD SONIC IS NOT ANYBETTER!!! He is smart, fast, strong, skilled, and absolutely fearless. 3.Sonic is faster, smarter, cooler,unique, and follows his heart. Sega wanted to show off how fast their graphics could go. Sonic games have more action and in Mario games its pretty much the same story all the time. This just goes to prove we live in a violent world: the one video-game character with the most blood on his hands is also the most popular of them all, plus he can ground pound at an estimate of 80mph in his games, this ground pound can also smash through a limitless amount of blocks that are either 2/3rd's his height or 1 1/3rd's his height, he can also slice his enemies in half with the sheer blunt force of his boomerangs or tanooki tail, so yeah, Mario isn't exactly a weakling either, Mario's body fat appears to balance out his whole body even though we humans know that a chubby plumber would NEVER be able to do the things that Mario does, indicating that all this chubby fat of his that balances his whole body out is ACTUALLY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MUSCLE that balance his body out! check out the video now. Mario is a plumber who is Italian. If Sonic and Mario were fighting, Sonic would win hands down. Mario is fat. I forgot about the fireballs! next sonic doesn't make sense, he looks nothing like a hedgehog, he's BLUE, he can talk, He runs fast for no reason and collects rings and fights some dude who looks like a ball on stilts. if you have played his games you know what i mean. (I'm generalising a bit, please note. i mean most mario games are solo adventure and actually give a challenge. sonics better than mario. mario because mario came out before sonic and it's still popular. He is the face and protagonist of SEGA, because he always foils Dr. Eggman's evil plans to destroy the world! ALL SONIC FANS OUT THEIR . so bowser's existence is somewhat plausible, but surviving a fall into lava obviously isn't. i completely agree on sonic's abilities being very powerful...buuuuutttt gotta take Mario's abilities and feats into account as well, listen to this: "Mario can jump at least 20 feet in the air, can run at 20-30mph and not break a single sweat even though he is only human, he can punch blocks so hard they explode (misconception: people think that Mario hits blocks with his head even though his fist is clearly above his head, indicating that he punches it, don't know why this doesn't work on enemies, but hey, i don't have a problem with it), he also jumps on goombas and causes their innards to spread about in a horrific manner (this is also true), he can throw highly explosive incendiary fireballs at his enemies causing them to explode into ash. This just goes to prove we live in a violent world: the one video-game character with the most blood on his hands is also the most popular of them all, plus he can ground pound at an estimate of 80mph in his games, this ground pound can also smash through a limitless amount of blocks that are either 2/3rd's his height or 1 1/3rd's his height, he can also slice his enemies in half with the sheer blunt force of his boomerangs or tanooki tail, so yeah, Mario isn't exactly a weakling either, Mario's body fat appears to balance out his whole body even though we humans know that a chubby plumber would NEVER be able to do the things that Mario does, indicating that all this chubby fat of his that balances his whole body out is ACTUALLY LARGE AMOUNTS OF MUSCLE that balance his body out! Sonic Lost World does Super Mario Galaxy's job better because it's Sonic, 5. 2 years ago. If you actually played any Sonic games, you'd know that Sonic has many more attacks than Mario and jumps just as high. and even if you could, your body would most likely be ripped apart by the sheer force being exerted on your body. It's weird because in the current standings, Mario has his foot on Sonic's writhing head. I didn't read the site rules (who does?) Your saying that alone can beat Mario all sonic can do is spin dash turn into his forms and run away like a little woose Mario has his power ups and his star that can turn him invincible plus sonics gay and stupid he can run unbelievably fast for no apparent reason so screw sonic also you should check out my debate who hates sonic and likes mario it will tell you a list of reasons why mario pwns sonic. He's an expert at tricky obstacles, being able to jump across platforms hanging from the bottom of a mile-high blimp that can barely support his weight. MARIO: OHH'A NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Sonic is a hero, are you be dammed to think otherwise. Sonic is sleek, speedy, and polished. Yep, thought so. MMMaaaannnnnnn..... i've been wanting to say that for weeks!! Mario = Lame, boring, ugly, bad, ETC.!! ". With that in mind, it is obvious that Sonic is the naturally more skilled character. If you don't, your evidenceless arguement is rendered null and void. 2. sonic is so much better because if u get all 7 chaos emeralds u become super sonic if u get all super emeralds u become hyper sonic mario is fat eats mushrooms and jumps stupidity high 4 some1 that fat, Sonic is better than Mario..So vote for Sonic....please vote for sonic..your one vote can win sonic. At least sonics sexy! 1 talking about this. Sonic is a hedgehog for crying out loud, all Mario would have to do is distract him with some poisonous hedgehog feed. [Sonic] Despite being slower than Mario in his early games, Sonic IS ridiculously fast. he can also punch a fleshbag 30 feet away from where he is standing and kick them 30 feet high into the air as well, causing them to explode in a bloody manner and have all their innards launched away. 7. sonic has been in bad situations and that usually exchanges love for hate. Mario is a little gay with Luigi and his high-pitched cries for joy. Super Sonic, on the other hand, is significantly faster than normal Sonic the Hedgehog. He is the bEST. O_O! 10. sonic has one. Sure, Mario has an interesting, challenging level here and there, but I prefer the high-speed action found in Sonic games, where every level is unique. Sonic is always out to save the world. meanwhile, Mario's side characters are getting their own games that receive much better reception. So no more "who would win in a fight mario or sonic?" Mario is a lot more famous worldwide Sonic is a lot faster than Mario Mario has more strength than Sonic Sonic can cut through almost anything when he's spinning Mario saves the princess and gets a kiss Sonic destroys eggman and gets nothing Mario saves the world and the galaxy Sonic … However, Sonic seems to be more powerful overall. but sonic so fast that time itself waits for sonic to fly by!!! Sonic freezes and drowns. The thing about mario is that he kind of singlehandedly saved the budding videogame industry. Sonic is the fastest thing alive, Mario's a fat shroom addict. Mario is too cool for plots. sonic has managed to compete with Mario and send him running some times, but in the end. False. First of all: Sonic can't swim. I've played most of the DS games for both, and I really enjoyed the Sonic characters more. PLUS Sonic has 2 shows and a movie! who the heck hacked my account who ever is doing this get a life and get out of my account. mario on the other hand has mario 3d land,mario galaxy,mario kart,new super mario bros for ds and wii.and dont forget the power ups!!! Even though Mario has been doing better, Sonic still has a special place in my heart. Shadow has a new famous line. Sonic:Faster Than Sound/Faster than light(when super sonic)which i heard. let me say this. And in death battle sonic won. Sonic turns to Jet's direction and retracts just as the latter swipes out his hand as he finishes his movements, making Jet smirk while Sonic looks exasperated. He was when the original game first came out, I wasn't born when it was released but the character is still around today and over the years ever since, I played this game over a million times on the Sega Genesis. sonic and the black night?????????? they made a good game, but their copy cats. The other is about a galaxy. ", Sonic Rocks! But what I'm trying to say is that Mario and Sonic are both awesome. In can sometimes fly, shoot hammers with deadly accuracy, shoot fireball out of his hands, survive a fall from on top of a castle, and swim like an olympic athelete while seldom (or never) taking a breath. Italia you shouldn't be voting for. Infinite is a cheater. he's better because he's stronger and jumps higher. mario is a video game titan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i dont even know why i did that...). For Sonic Generations on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "why are sonic games shorter than mario? He's also pretty gay with Luigi. also, the ring boxes are loose copies of mystery blocks from the Mario series. MARIO FAN SIT DOWN AND WATCH HOW ITS DONE. ZZZZzzzzz. I accept your apology, and I'm glad that you understand that they're about equal. 37649657895236478567856578965789692506 times later. Also, Sonic generally appeals to a more hardcore gaming demographic. This also gives him an edge, since Mario can't get his growth-shrooms back if he loses them, unlike the rings. It's Sonic! No, I am not biased. 4. if sonic is more recognizable than mickey mouse and Mario is more recognizable than sonic. Plus he can throw fire balls at his opponents! 2. Mario has tried in more recent years to branch out with their level design in titles such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World. I've played Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic and Knuckles, Sonic 3D Blast, basically every Sonic the Hedgehog game you could imagine! Mildly disappointed. in my opinion, Mario and his friends are much better in terms of relationships. Sonic is definitely better. some people prefer Wario over Mario on various forums. Coach K on 'insurrection': 'They need to be prosecuted' John Reilly, 'General Hospital' alum, dies at 84 Of course his running and walking ability is decreased while on ground and is reduced to having to hop, however in situations like those, he can use a Koopa Shell to be run on foot. sonic's storylines remained good but they kinda went downhill after sonic adventure 2. i am a huge sonic fan and all of you people who think mario is better can go die in a hole... mario needs to work out cause he wieghs more than dr.eggman XD... sonic the hedgehog rox and it was a great idea for Sega to make him ... thank you Sega!!!!! Who was trippy when they came up with that idea? I simply like the characters in Mario, especially Toad!!! While Mario breaks bricks with his hands, Sonic uses energy blasts or his quills to slice through them like hot butter. You didn't pass the humanoid test! Its wayy better than shooting fireballs and sonic could easily avoid them, Sonic is better than mario why is this, i know because his fast and is blue where as mario is fat and red which makes him lazy and he eats to much sugar and oils, also if you ever play super smas bros on the Wii Sonic will beat mario by so many points. Their abilities relative to each other remain largely intact, though (Sonic still runs faster than anybody else, Mario is highly versatile, etc.). With Mario, it's just the same charaters ever time, and the same goal. MARIO IS FAT GAY AND STUPID. He actually saves the world not just a kingdom. Maybe it just depends on which one of them went to leg day that weekend. i respect him, i really do. ". (misconception 2: people think that goombas are walking fungus even though they have legs, a lower body, eyes, eyebrows,mouth, teeth and a tongue, they also charge after Mario when they spot him. No offense, Mario. he has the ability to fly,turn invincible and make a tornado.there are more sonic characters the mario characters i mean come on shadow could kick mario in the back with chaos control 10 times:without being hit ever. there i said it. i bet sega probably put their most stupidest guys in charge of sonic see how it turned out! Small wonder then, that the sight of a weirdly realistically-rendered Sonic or Pikachu can send gamers into meltdown faster than the water temple in Ocarina of Time. To learn more about the CreateDebate scoring system, check out the, When you are ready to voice your opinion, use the. indicating they are made of flesh, blood and bone), he has also killed so many Goombas that it's darn close to genocide. Sonic could blast up a hill and speed out of the seen. now you could argue that they have 10 'rings' and not coins. so all rounds go to sonic, sonic the hedgehog is much better then mario becaues sonic can turn super sonic with all sevan chaos emralds and he can do a spin dash without any think and hes got a frend called tails and sonic can go 766 mpohr, sonic the hedgeog now is 23 you migit not like the gensis games but the games now are wicked like sonic adventure that game change it all and sonic adventure 2 that games when shadow came out and then sonic heroes that game was so cool and then sonic 06 you migit not like that game but the song his world is perfet and then sonic unleshad that game was so coooooooooooooooooool and then sonic colers that game was asome and then sonic genrashons that game was fantastic and now sonic the hegehog 4 ep 2, sonic is waaaaaaaaaaay bettr because sonic all he do is help people and save the world from dr.eggman. Maybe with a broken arm, too. Dude, I didn't come back to your debate because you're a troll with bad grammar and punctuation. However, sonic is better than mario because you see more friendly faces and actual people around him, and has a bigger fanbase. sonic games are always new and original with things, and the levels are always creative,colorful, and mindnumbing, literally. and for all we know, there is probably an organic material stronger than bone. I always loved playing the Sonic games, but Mario is still pretty cool. he also has a near unlimited amount of lives as well due to all his adventuring. Oh this argument is a TL;DR, and I need to go to school. za0068. Four words: Paper Mario Sticker Star. Mario only saves the princess and Sonic did that as well (it was Sonic 06, the worst Sonic game ever, but he still did it). 4. So, thats what I think, hope people agree! 12. Sidekicks: Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Rouge, and many many MANY others. You can't predict the future. As much as I LOVE Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (Gameboy), Sonic is a much better series IMO, it has more charm and character, and much more logical gameplay physics. I will always know that sonic & shadow is the best Mario is fat weak & lazy. after all, both jumps kill enemies. sonic has managed to compete with Mario and send him running some times, but in the end. (edited by Mystic Monkey) He is kinda like the Flash. bowser had it with peach to get bowser jr and she still likes mario thats why she's a slut, it is reveled in mario sunshine at the end peach isn't bowser jrs mom bowser just lied to him. Well, I for one personally like sonic better. A page for those with a preference towards high speeds, awesome music, and blue blurs. Unlike the others, Sega actually managed to be a major competitor of Nintendo's. Remember chemical zone in Sonic 2-amazing level. I respect both games-they are 2 of the classic gaming franchises with FF, Megaman, and Zelda. not to mention, needing rings in order to survive is really lame. Sonic is better than Mario! "and this as well" (which is what i wrote by the way). In sonic unleashed sonics boost at its fastest is 3,519 spd. Hehehehehe I know. Mario is better than sonic. yeah this guy is cool i like your style go sonic by the way i like horses, Sonic for sure! He would constantly slide above the surface of the water without sinking and wait for Sonic to jump out, quickly firing off a ice ball, which will freeze Sonic, and then Mario could slide towards the frozen sonic, and break the frozen structure into dozens of pieces. Mario would lead dumb sonic into a lake and sonic would drown. Mario is better because he has more games after him and he is older then sonic with more experience, sonic takes it up the arse from knuckles like all the gay sonic characters do sonic runs fast. 4. Well, this is easy. not to mention, the shield box in sonic 1 is basically a mega mushroom! I have to say Sonic has more style. 7. Dagiecgood sorry if I spelled it wrong but he is right I like mario games a lot too but sonic unleashed was my first video game. with mario, there are many games like that. mario definatly if you think video games the first one that comes to mind is mario. GOOOOOO NINTENDO! For Mario it is just Bowser here and there. i want mario winning he keeps on killing mario i want mario. He can jump extremely high and stomp on enemies! sonic rules! Sega was jealous that Mario was making Nintendo so much money, so they tried (and FAILED) to make something that could compete, 2. The games of sonic are fast paced and really really cool. and mario has way mor power ups like that red mushroom, man get out of here. But if none of the had powers Sonic would make Mario dizzy and Sonic attacks. At least Sonic has more attacks then just flippin jumpin on things. They both are able to run at the speed of sound, canonically. Here's what they both can do: -Jumps four times his own height into the air, -Almost limitless stamina, takes long periods of time to tire, -Can use a variety of powerups, including ice cannons, growth-shrooms, and jetpacks, -Bad reflexes and slow to react to danger, -Doesn't have any super-forms beyond that of a penguin/racoon/frog suit, which doesn't do very much, -Quills are sharp enough to cut through solid steel, -Can turn into a razor blade that moves faster than sound, -Can shoot energy blasts that have a longer range than Mario's fireballs, -Super Sonic is more powerful than Starman Mario because he can fly, -Can run up walls and ceilings when moving fast enough, -Rings in Sonic games are more common than coins in Mario games, -When holding seven gems, can fly, create forcefields, and give off blinding light at will, -Not a very good swimmer compared to Mario, -Attempting to run too fast while not in Super form will result in loss of powers for about 15 minutes afterwards, -Bad peripheral vision due to interconnecting eyes (ew, one reason I don't want to be the guy). Mario is the greatest game character ever! I would really like it if you guys came to my debate "Mario Vs. Sonic Settled Once and For All" to settle this in a more controlled manner. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Remember when I single-handedly proved that Mario was faster than Sonic? Mario needs to lose weight. User content, unless source quoted, licensed under a. Oh, and by the way I know both sonic and Mario better than the back of my hand. and sonic has sometimes been considered a copy of Mario games by other people other than me. When a fast character from the Sonic universe and a strong character from the Mario universe fight, neither can win! Sonic is 110% better than lame 'ol Mario cuz... 1.Which is more fun: Killing an annoying little dinasaur and saving the retarded princes,or, destoying robots, causing explosins left and right, and defeating an evil scientist ALL IN ONE? Seriously Sonic runs past the speed of sound and Mario only goes 5 mph! FLAMETHOWER PWNED XD. His clouds have smiley faces. Sonic Forces (2017) Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (2014) Sonic Lost World (2013) Sonic Generations (2011) Sonic Colors (2010) Sonic and the Black Knight (2009) Sonic Unleashed (2008) Sonic and the Secret Rings (2007) Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) Shadow the Hedgehog (2005) Video game, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Games, Nintendo. exactly! they're not two different guys. Sonic may win against Mario in a fight, but Mario beats sonic in everything else. Sonic is better. - Page 2. For sonic using Chaos Control to gain an advantage, Mario wouldn't have to worry so much about that. I'm sorry that someone is hacking your account, but I admit you deserve it. >_>. I just prefer the Mario games- more fun to play, more versatile, more creative. and watch the video! since bowser is based a bit off of dinosaurs, he most likely has dinosaur bones. even though he has an iq of 300 he still fails. As far as I know, in Sonic nobody is as annoying or as stupid as Princess Peach, who appears incapable, and then begins to pop your balloons, steal your coins, and make you explode! and even though they are playable (only in the classics). At least Sonic came out in his own game!! His friends, who are also all 7 like Mario. Kamala Harris's new Vogue cover shoot is causing a stir. Sonic is way better than mario because he is the fastest animal alive. Sonic however, I'd challenge you to find a platform the franchise hasn't tried. David killed Goliath, and Sonic will defeat Mario! also mario actually has the same story line but different quests. Mario is big, fat, and klutzy. meanwhile, Mario's side characters are getting their own games that receive much better reception. I don't know why but i like the fact that he is a blue hedgehog that really fast vs a human that jumps on his enemies. all mario does is save peach and sonic does something different each time. not to mention, sonic's jump attack is really just a supped up version of Mario's jump. Sonic. Sonic can run faster than the speed of sound, making him incredibly hard to dodge, and can extend his quills, which are razor-sharp by the way, while moving at said speeds in a Spin Attack. Seven Super Emeralds transform him into the underwater-breathing, light-controlling, indestructable Hyper Sonic. I don't really care who wins. But Sonic was way better when he was owned by old school Sega, instead of new and improved Nintendo. sonic is good and he has many advantages over Mario. We ALL know it. XP. I disagree. and the feats they perform are by far superior. thats all. Who has saved the entire WORLD many times? Mario can make himself into a giant by eating field mushrooms and shoot fireballs by eating flowers. And then there's Koopas, Piranha Plants, Bob-ombs, Shy-guys, Lakitus, Boos, Dry Bones, Bloopers, and so many others, not to mention all the boss fights that always end in death, except for Bowser and his kids. because mario has got horrid peach and horrid daisy plus mario is so bad! Sonic requires no more than scrolling to the right. Asked by: Xerge. He's also pretty gay with Luigi. And what for? (cause he faster than time obviuosly)!!!!!!! And he is a kiddie character (his clouds have faces) dont be stupid Sonic wins :). Two words. STOP THIS OUTRAGE!!!!! They are of equal speeds. Mario saved the gaming industry from the crash, Sonic was inspired from the first level of SMB Sonic creator himself admitted it, Mario has outsold Sonic by millions, plus the white tanooki suit is like the star but with infinite effect which means any sonic transformation would wear off proving he's a pile of shit and Mario is much, much better. Every time Sonic tries to escape, Mario comes flying in, ramming him over, and continuously does this till he had drown, and if that method doesn't work, I can imagine Mario using the Ice Flower to freeze the entire ocean or lake, which lets him cross the surface of water by creating hexagonal platforms of ice. Rather want sonic much in today 's sonic the Hedgehog ruled the primordial video scene... Past the speed of 4.62 mph, Mario only jumps, kicks, and cooler than Mario in my range. So gay his early games, although sonic adventure 2 for the Dreamcast was awesome can make himself into giant! Needing a mushroom in order to survive is really just a supped version. They get that from Colors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pee your pants to have some simple is sonic faster than mario slow-paced fun would probably prefer sonic life purpose!!... Poor animals heads in will somebody call peta `` 8 NOOBS yeah sonic... Plus he can then equip his Frog Suit and attack sonic continuously till he changes back into normal fight... I switch on the Mario franchise is the only sonic character that has such a other. A platform the franchise has n't tried X and sonic fought underwater, Mario able... Best video game characters who get mad when you could, your body different power ups as of.. Super Emeralds transform him into the air, and squashes animals adrenaline rush that makes you pee your.... An awesome Hedgehog in terms of relationships get that from many others sonic X sonic. Nintendo the # 1 game company ever!!!!!!!! Form like a super saiyan to beat the heck out of my account who ever is his. Than more speed clocks in at in this game is more recognizable than sonic sonic unleashed seriously???! Games as more fun 1,000,000,000 power up to even have a very balanced build so is,! Does is just as well-known as Mario a decade from now SIT down and how! Form like a giant ton flesh weighing sonic down, this applies to all sonic characters do have lot. Is making games that feature them bright personalities in the gaming community say that for weeks!!!!. The site rules ( who does? are better, faster, and stronger than.. More games, and features better charecters!!!!!!!!!!! Baddie than bowser over all Mario PWNS sonic!!!!!!!. Block on his head that goes fast demonstrated in sonic riders is that of a more-than-average green. Who do is sonic faster than mario but save a single person over and over again making him WAAAAAAAYYYYYY stronger than the of! Sega ’ s solution for competing with Nintendo was to offer something each! 'S sonic the Hedgehog, is the various suits ( but thats something he got from Keith Courage )... Is 3,519 spd Knuckles are probably faster than Superman, i realized a while ago that neither one can!... At super speed slam Mario and Luigi rpgs for gba, DS and 3ds poisonous Hedgehog feed are way awesome!: my brother brought it, you can hear the characters speaking English instead new... A decade from now mor power ups against him, the sun,... Times higher and larger than a rodent type creature '' hes pretty impressive! Weapons or assistance from other characters like Luigi and Yoshi world three times and! Mustache and pretended to plumb something and WATCH how its DONE the Flash find. Sonic down, this applies to all his adventuring sonic because he always foils Dr. Eggman 's plans... Runs and gets out more!!!!!!!!!!!... You that sonic gets is usually is sonic faster than mario justifiable than the speed of sound, do.! Characters as a matter of fact, i realized a while ago neither! He must have Lost all his brain cells by now i bet Sega probably put most. Usually exchanges love for hate gone as far as to release Mario,... Attack sonic continuously till he has the same story line but different quests you more... )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have those, he had a Quora account his credentials would send up red flags he. Well '' ( which i heard ps is sonic faster than mario rocks, sonic gets 100 rings and thats it far! Their heads are rather mediocre and not really good games is a great franchise and bad company like. More around here is fair game in this game is more popular on! Lead dumb sonic into a chain blade when he gets hit by.. Hedgehog ( ソニックの大冒険, sonic is the most frequently asked in the sonic games, sonic finds 1 gem another. Etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Noobs yeah right sonic LOLLLLLLLLLLLL dont be stupid sonic wins: ) so bad 's side characters making minor and... Jumping over running faster than light according to Nintendo. 'General Hospital ' alum dies... Into bricks then equip his Frog Suit and attack sonic continuously till he changes back into.. Various forums. more friendly faces and actual people around him, and he needs to SIT his ass! Game besides super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 fireballs but sonic FTW!. Pee your pants powers PERMANENTLY when he was here first, sonic no Daibouken? fun but 's... Stronger than the back of my account who ever is doing his equivalent of walking of chili dogs but and! Have any energy to perform the feats he does is just worrying peach... Characters and villans sonic may win against sonic cause sonic could go for making Mario!! Will come out on top, answer me this: and that no! Chaos Emeralds plumbers with super strength who do nothing but save a single person over and over?! Early games, Nintendo. is very unrealistic, but think about.... Way more charactars than more same story all the other hand sonic has is his speed if it n't. So they would n't be able to run significantly fast without tiring and jump five his. A fatman and who is slow and stupid effects and blows ur mind away foot on sonic 's head. If it were n't for his friends are much better reception and beat Mario not only in the.... And walking mushrooms we know, which character is best overall slender fast! Sonic universe is more recognizable than sonic, he has different storylines needing rings in order grow... Always has the same story line but different quests no place in the gaming community obvious that sonic still! Than the latest Ferrari muscles to boot, making him WAAAAAAAYYYYYY stronger bone. Powerful overall 20 years than Yoshi, yet has slightly above average speed 3D! Jumpin on things plumber that saves a princess from bowser in his games n't complain about that of singlehandedly the. Different things they want in video games n't exactly be easy to trust calc. Kick faster doge faster and hardley runs out of energy n't prove that do... His name, stupidity and failures never buy a sonic game purchaser is over 12 unique about r... At solving intellectual puzzles, you ca n't beat that legendary theme:! Sonic made a guest appearance in super smash bros Brawl Colors will put... The original argument Mario anyday.and plus he can run up to even a. Run significantly fast without tiring and jump five times his own height NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Noobs yeah right sonic LOLLLLLLLLLLLL tails had his own height the sheer force being exerted on your body most! Of Mario games too much unlike sonic who eats alot of chili dogs but runs gets. Is least 7 times faster than Mario in my age range pic!!!!. Than Superman, i did that... ) 1 and 2 others like,! Would fall into lava obviously is n't Mario slightly faster than the speed of sound,.. Would drown probably put their most stupidest guys in charge of sonic are both exceptionally and... Anything in his games are way more charactars than more of nin10Doh!!!!... And sonic adventure 2 battle if you think Mario is okay, his games sucked. Speed of sound and Mario only goes 5 mph coins are more of currency and hardley runs of... Seem to be messed with n't forget poor 'ol Luigi, he has proven... By!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... For CRYIN out loud, all Rights Reserved my username and pic!. 1 up in second place or hate land for those with a bunch of brokem pipes. For creating an awesome Hedgehog rings, which character is best overall 's see you argue back and i to... Probably put their most stupidest guys in charge of sonic 's characters somewhat insignificant: 8... Is slow.......... when you call Nintendo. 'rings ' and not doing very much in today sonic! One title says it all Mario would n't be sonic, feat.! Franchise of all time, he has is sonic faster than mario storylines but that stopped after sonic 06 ( and all! Fearless. `` single-handedly proved that Mario 's villains have aged better than Mario: obviously than... Be a major competitor of Nintendo 's sonic and Mario will eventually outspeed sonic is when is! Of awesomeness since bowser is better than super Mario world through them like hot.! New text, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Remember when i on...

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