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Most seats in the front of the bus was given to older Asian passengers. 1 Bus Tours because the staff tend to be friendly and fair. The bathrooms, both on bus and in the station, unusable. Not too crazy about number 1 bus company, needs improvement! The check-in agent was not patient and helpful. most of the seats in the bus are broken.. No. The bus ride was not the best. Lugging should be more organized like other bus company your luggage is pack a according to where you're getting off everything is just dump together and if your stop is the first, you have to get under there and dig your things out which take up more time other bus company put your things in order depending on where you are going, Great service I will tell my friends how good go to bus is thank you. Happy New Year!! A big truck or bus was on the side of us he had to move to the curb and let the vechicle past and then go. Nice, smooth, quiet ride. Also, very timely. :-). But don’t expect it to be clean all the time. I will definitely be using your services in the fure! Excellent and careful drivers, A practical and safe way to travel I love it. My ONLY issue was that the bus was too hot for the whole trip. DragonStream C. Mount Hope, KS. My car was towed from the private lot (at the bus stop) I was parked at. By love how conduct himself, Windows on bus need to be cleaned please. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Number 1 in Gadgets Yellow School Bus Toy for Toddlers and Kids, Large Plastic Vehicle Truck for Car Action Playtime at 2nd ride much better than the first no TV or wifi as advertised. I was worried if they even made it onto the bus. Seats to close together, seat in front was broken, causing much discomfort to me as the other passenger was nearly in my lap for the4 and half hour trip. I took you guys bus many times I never had this problem this past Sunday was the first time this hope it would not happen again. I recommend this bus..bus departed & arrived on time. The ride was great & the bus was on time. It was freezing cold the whole ride and the wifi wasn't working efficiently. Overall, you can't beat the price for what you get. ... Internal and external bus service for residents who don't drive. The bus smelled, there was mold all over the ceiling and the windows, and there was gunk on the seats. That aside, the ride was pretty smooth. The bus left before time which my cause other pole to miss the bus. The smell was coming through the vent when I turned the air on because the bus was too hot. This provides RVT with invaluable data which can be a huge help to the more than 1/2 million RV shoppers who visit each month in search of their next RV. Also, the seats were hard to move but in eventually got it to work in my favor! This made for a pretty long, uncomfortable trip. Had to sit in a seat where I could charge my phone. Merchants act as though they can't change rules to accommodate customers as if the rules were designed by someone else. I used ur service several times before.. but this trip was the best of the rest.. the previous ones. VA to NYC was fine. Good experience. No.1 Bus Tour: Bus Tickets Between New York, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Colonial Heights. The bus driver smoked cigarettes and operated his phone several times during the trip. It always smells horrible and its unhealthy for passengers to inhale that smell when seated in the rear of the bus. It is always delayed due to late arriving passengers being allowed to board. Also the light and the air vents did not work but overall a comfortable ride, Perfect pick up place..should have sunday buses to go to nyc, Use the bus all the time, never had a problem with the bus, great trip, will be using the buses all year 2017. I would like to reschedule my bus ticket for 10:45 pm saturday night or 11:45 pm saturday night on march 3,2018. If the buses are not kept running correctly, I would not. The restroom needs to be clean on bus #2015 and the window on the passenger side toward the back of the bus is filthy. For groups of 10+: To make a group purchase, please call 1-844-GRP-TRIP (1-844-477-8747) for assistance! Horrible. When customers are asleep and wake up to a stopped bus myst understand where they are at. On time service highly recommended for price saving travels. The only complaint that I have for my experience was the bathroom. Charging USB ports weren't working. The bus was EXTREMELY hot the entire trip. If you find a suitable trip, you can go … for the price ,its 100% well worth it. I’m pissed because I buy tickets for family from NY or myself and it’s upsetting that when your company is late we have to sit and wait but if we running late ask for a refund to get on another bus that night we couldn’t I’m out of $42 and it’s not fair, I got there on time . RV consumers love to tell-all about their RVs in the Reviews section of I caught strep throat riding on the bus and witnessed an Asian male blow his nose on the bus without tissue. Super fast driver. Just wished they had more times during the day. It was dirty and the smell was overwhelming in the bus. No wifi on the bus. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business. Eaton Water-based Bedbug spray. Generally, we were very pleased and now know where to go and wait the next time! (We didn't stop 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities.) When I mapped it the spot was different than where the bus stopped. It smelled of old garbage as soon as you stepped on the bus and stayed that way until the trip ended. I love to travel with No 1 Bus as well AS eastern. Couldn't even use the bathroom on the bus. The driver was great. There were certain people who talked loudly in general (I heard them over my headphones). We have family in NY and this is the least expensive way to travel. Read more. For the price, CANNOT BE BEAT! The ammonia smell is so strong that I’m hiding under my jacket with my face laying up against a bag of cheesy poofs just to distract from the surrounding smells. I have recommended your services to all who needed to know about my weekend experience. Bus company cancelled the scheduled bus and I had to take a later bus. Phuket Town Local Bus Station (Terminal 1)., Phuket Town: See 74 reviews, articles, and 59 photos of Phuket Town Local Bus Station (Terminal 1)., ranked No.26 on Tripadvisor among 117 attractions in … We have trouble finding seats because passengers where using two seats for sleeping.the driver saw that there was not seats and didn’t say nothing to the passengers that where using two seats. I stopped taking these types of buses because of their racial profiling and unprofessionalism when it come to their own people and staff because upon boarding the bus i asked several time if it was the correct bus before i got on and the driver first told me no until i showed him my ticket than he just pointed to the bus ! Funny 2. I have no complaints on the driver or staff, they are very good. They don't announce the stops. If your looking for a cheap way of traveling this is the way to go. Overall, it was great. The bus was very smell I had a bad experience that's was my first time, 10 min late to depart A person all the way in the back started smoking weed. Inexpensive quick means of transportation. I am a frequent rider who always purchase a roundtrip ticket from colonial heights,va to new york.the $10.00 discount is no longer honored by number one bus or go to bus. bathroom needs to be clean a lil more properly and it was no toliet paper at all on either bus going or returning home. Find out more about the GotoBus customer reviews program - we look forward to your review! Also felt driver was speeding, nonetheless, the ride was quick. I do not have a computer at home and have to travel to the Library to print out my ticket, that is when I realized that the date of the ticket was wrong. View our list of the best minivans for 2019 and 2020. Im sorry however the seats are sooo small you can barely sit comfortably. My luggage was wet upon arrival. Recommend using a commuter lot for pick up and drop off. Why was everyone else able to make it back in 8 minutes and ya'll in 15 minutes? NYC: 1-212-966-8801 OR 917-822-3000 VA: 804-884-6882 OR 804-922-0293 TN: 615-939-8887 OR 917-667-7988 Arrival times are later than the time listed so when it says 3 to 8 it arrives closer to 9pm, the staff and the driver provides an excellent service granted to be recommended to others to use your service though the restroom can use some cleanining for an overall satisfaction during the trip, Was not able to buy round trip ticket on gotobus website, only allow one way ticket, Excellent schedule, the bus came on time and arrived at the destination on time no delays it is meant for me reliable company. The Best Way To Book Bus Tickets. Bus was very bumpy on road? I have to admit that I was nervous with the safety concerns of these bus lines, but after coming in using another carrier who was delayed, I just wanted to get back home safely and timely. No AC, bus was dirty and bathroom didn't flush. The bus smelled horrible. 1 Bus. 1 Bus! I just wish i would have known i didnt have to pay for children under 3 years old. Staff should ask all passengers to wear headphones while listening to there devices. This is by far the worst experience ive had since i stopped giving the chinatown bus lines my money i would rather pay and extra $10 and ride with greyhound which i will be doing from now on ! I almost threw up multiple times. There was no toilet paper in the bathroom. If the management of the bus were just stepped up a bit it could be a much better experience. Wish the seats were more roomy and comfortable. And I bought a ticket 3 weeks ago and the bus was early I guess and I didn’t get a refund. Smelled so bad I didn’t couldn’t see the appearance of the bathroom. Gets you to NYC from Richmond, VA in a decent time. Upon going to the Bus on the 6th of July to board the bus to Limpopo I was told the busses to Limpopo had been cancelled because of poor booking numbers. Thank you Goto Bus: Was not happy able not having a rest stop. 9 reviews of Number 1 Bus "Just took Number 1 bus from NYC to Richmond and back. I have experienced that when i sent my daughter and grandson on the bus. It was dirty and smelly like it was not even cleaned in DAYS. Smh...... Be careful when booking. THE entire staff from the lady at the station in Colonial heights the Dispatcher in Richmond and to the driver Mr Wu Chen they were all very helpful,they provide an excellent service and give grate credit to your organization in the transportation industry. I've ridden No. Affordable prices and got me to where I needed to be. But overall great service . Left on time, clean bus and was able to charge my phone during the trip. Leaving from Chinatown at 5pm on a Friday should be prompt. I travelyestermorning was raining bus was leaking my close got wet my bag got wet other than that the ride was ok, It was late. Very foul smelling as if it isn’t maintained at all. It was disappointing that the bus had to change its time for departure. If I was the driver, I would've left their butts there. Fast trip. 1 Bus Tour reviews from fellow bus travelers. A 6 hour trip took 10 1/2 hours, no apologies. This was my first experience with No. The bathroom was terrible. I felt safe. Passengers claim 2 seats with their belongings and they are reluctant to make room. I would recommend the No.1 Bus Tour from Richmond to New York. I felt very safe. But did not inform me that I had to pay a $10 fee for taking the next bus!!! 1 Bus Tour tickets on The driver said they were stopping due to the traffic. The bathroom needs good cleaning. We hope you find them helpful! 1 Bus Tour tickets on NO. I'm sure the bus is not sanitized and desperately needs to be. HELLO. The price for the trip is excellent. I think it would be better to do an announcement everyone could hear. The bus needed a little TLC and better air flow...I'm just one whose always looking of ways to keep germs to a minimum, Bus was late to my destination made an unscheduled stop and the bathroom was very dirty. Ticket holders who show up on time should always be allowed to get their seats first. Besides that, everything else was a positive experience. Wasn’t told about bus seating, leaving late and arriving even later. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Number One Bus - Nuru Kane on AllMusic 1 Bus is my favorite busline because it goes directly from Virginia to New York. Overall, my experience has been great. San Jose, CA (16) Anaheim, CA (14) Mountain View, CA (2) Hawthorne, CA (1) Orange, CA (1) Explore popular careers in LUX BUS … The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) plans, finances, acquires, constructs, operates and maintains mass transit facilities and supplies transportation assistance in Hillsborough County, Florida. If I must pay full price for my 2year old, there should be a seat reserved for her and I to sit together. Grateful for great service! I was forced to pay a fee because I didnt have my ticket printed. The shape of the back of the seats make it difficult to get comfortable, other than that it is the quickest and cheapest way to get to NYC safely. Good in getting on time and making at least one stop from NYC to VA roundtrip. I'm so please with your service that I'm telling all my friends from NYC and Richmond to use your service on their upcoming trips the driver Mr.Wu Chen is an excellent bus operator that brings grate credit to your organization ,I personally thank him for his superior job. If the passengers are not present 5 minutes before departure, they should not be allowed to inconvenience and delay those of us who are on time. We got to our destination an hour or so late but at least the driver drove safely, quickly and swiftly. Find Number 1 Elementary School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. I'll recommend all friends and family to ride your buses. I would like the tracking information to be accurate. The bus was fine until you get about 4 rows before the bathroom. There was no WiFi and in the 2019 we still need to print a copy of the ticket.. Read a lot of bad reviews for Eastern travels but I took No. Reviewed November 21, 2014 . The travel was really good. seating arrangements were biased. Everything was great just need to tidy the bathroom up cause there are children that ride the buses and have to use the restroom, Good bus line. Once again #1 Bus service strikes again with another pleasurable trip to and from NYC to Colonial Heights Va.The driver and the entire staff provides me always with excellent service. 1 Bus Tour reviews have been submitted from real customers who booked their No. I think it should be optional to costumers to be able to show proof of ticket by phone just as well as a printed copy. The bus was clean and I guess comfortable as if could be. In all i have no way of being reimbursed for my money spent as there are no refunds. Other than that, good drive. LUX BUS AMERICA Reviews by Job Title. I would recommend! Great ride and comfort. Bus was late by an hour and a half, but made no stops between richmond and new york, driver was great and the bus was very comfortable. Definitely going to need a shower upon arrival..I do believe this funky smell has embedded itself into my skin. I was happy to see hand sanitizer and toliet paper in the bathroom! Wherever they are from. Business Profile. The TTC also operates door-to-door paratransit service for the elderly and disabled, known as Wheel-Trans. Minshan hotel is within walking distance of the Fraser Suites but at about half the price. I'm very tall so if there can be seats for people with long legs would be appreciated. the staff should have some kind of compassion with passengers w disability when making seating assignments. Plus side is...the driver is wonderful and it’s been a smooth ride...and I’m still alive..and not laying in a tub of ice with my organs missing..see you guys the sketchy bus was worth it. I'm more comfortable next to a woman. We arrived in New York early which was a plus for me. someone next to me was plsying music a little loud. It ALWAYS STINKS on the bus cause of those Korean, Chinese, Japanese.. I was more or less satisfied with my journey to Fredericksburg however, the driver could be courteous enough to speeak in English as well when communicating with passengers bearing in mind that there were not only Chinese on the bus. They got me home safely at a very reasonable cost. Everything was perfect but i wait one hour for the bus, The bus was very clean but smelled like piss even when the restroom was closed. He needs head phones. Always on time at pickup and to the destination! Everyone seemed to be safe and content with the services. Although there was many people on the bus, there was very little room for myself. The service was great, the bus was very clean, I would recommend goto bus tour to my friends. Another excellent trip on the hands of the best buses operators in the transportation busissnes. Very conveniant, afordable, and comfortable. Overall, the quality of service of the buses themselves need a lot of improvement. 1:30 am bus is always about 30 - 40 minutes late. It was just a little difficult finding the bus at the West broads st location. We were able to get seats together but because of the disorganized approach to seating was problematic at our next stop. The staff are nice enough and the customer service was shockingly good. THat is not listed anywhere in the policy. After calling back a second time, I was told that it was my mistake and that there was nothing that they could do. Cause an hour delay on arrival. The home of vehicle sales and the latest bus and coach job vacancies, routeone connects professional PCV operators with complete and unrivalled news coverage. Air conditioners was enough cool and driver was extremely kind. The bus arrived to NYC about an hour later than scheduled. Real simple just too many ppl listening to videos and music with no headphones, Bus broke down it took four and half hour to correct the situation; after seven hours we got an bathroom, bathroom on the bus smelled very bad wasn’t clean there was no where to eat. They need bigger buses with better seats. This hotel's dinner buffet looked good with fresh sushi, clams, etc.. Don't expect a luxury bus, but it got us from point A to point B without any problems! Have extra time built into your schedule when using this company. Reviewed November 21, 2014 . I like the price and the time it get there the driver is very courteous.the only thing I'm don't like is the bathroom smell and that everybody should be able to be seated in the order of there reservation and there shouldn't be Reserve Seat in the front. The ride just need to be much smoother. I arrived on time. 1 Bus Tour service by rating different aspects such as the bus cleanliness, punctuality, staff and bus comfort. Customer Reviews are not used in the calculation of BBB Rating, Location of This Business3121 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230-5106, Need to file a complaint? I explained to the lady at the ticket office that an amount of R260 had been deducted from my account and I would like a refund and she advised me to call your contact center number. This was so frustrating that I just gave up. The a/c for the rear portion of the bus was not as strong as for the front vents. This allows large parties to travel together in comfort. Thanks for providing a straight forward service. If you are looking for a comfortable, stress free experience, I would not recommend this. Very disappointed. He rudely responded and got into a back and forth with the female passenger, he then violently stopped the bus and barely pulled off to the side!!! there was other customers smoking in there and talking very loud. Their buses are clean their drivers are friendly and traveling with them is a breeze. 1 hour and half in delay before leave and no WiFi on the bus. But other then that it’s a decent company with fair prices. No. The times I've taken this bus it always left on time, but always arrived to the destination an hour or more late. Just because the bus experienced a mechanical malfunction you should not blamed the driver for it that is totally out of the driver's control, on my trip from NYC to Colonial heights on Friday Nov 9 2018 the bus was overheating causing the engine to turn off, some of the passenger became extremely verbally abusive toward the driver , if passengers become this way they should be ask to step out of the bus and find other way of transportation to take them to their destination but they should not be allowed to insult the driver as it was done on this trip, the driver was explaining to them that the bus was on the way, I took it personally and confronted some of the passengers advising them that it wasn't the driver's fault and to be patient ,the following bus deporting NYC stopped by our location we got on the bus and went on to Richmond, Colonial heights, I give lots of credit to the driver Mr:Chen for his professional attitude dealing with the passenger's behavior.He is an excellent operator and represent in good standards The entire No 1 Bus company. In one word: disgusting. A passenger wasn't able to get on. I was told i could sit wherever I wanted because the bus wasn't full. Again there was obscure leave from point. 1 Bus Tour! However, as the trip progressed the bus thankfully cooled down. You can compare prices, amenities and times by searching for a route. Especially after the n s filled up at the stop before mine. The came and hour late, so that means I got my destination late. Bathroom was extremely smelly. Punctuality is zero. However, it arrived at desired location an hour and 45min later. The total trip was very good but the bus was dirty. Bus was too cold next time I will bring a blanket and a heavy jacket. We were in the very back seats, and it was hot, uncomfortable and bumpy for the outward journey. 1 Bus Tour reviews have been submitted from real customers who booked their No. Thanks Gotobus for your service!! But we made it to our destination early and in one piece. left on time and arrived on time. Very convenient locations and great prices! Almost missed it because of that. Otherwise great service. Seating is already minimal. It will be nice to stop raising the price of tickets so high when gas its not that expensive. When I contacted the support, they said they could not help me. The bathroom looked like it had never been cleaned. You must expect traffic on a holiday weekend. I felt very much discriminated against. 1 Bus Tour No.1 Bus provides low-cost and reliable bus services in New York City, Richmond, VA, Colonial Heights, VA and Fredericksburg, VA. Find No.1 Bus bus tickets & bus reviews online, and book the perfect getaway on your next trip! Picked up from Fredericksburg VA on time and made it toAllen street right on time. Not the best bus service and the bathroom was disgusting!!! The only complaint/ concern was the cleanliness of the bus, bus office and bathroom in NY. If they could do a better job with the bathroom, its not so bad, Another good trip on behalve of the entire # 1 bus staff. No hand sanitizer in the bathroom. The communication at the bus station could have been better. But on the other hand, the bathroom in the colonial Heights office was extremely clean and was stocked with tissue and soap. I always recommend No. The bus was digusting, the floor was wet, and it smelled awful. The driver was punctual, courteous & did his job very safely. Thank goodness I'm an early person and was at station before 130 am. I enjoyed my trip on Go to Bus. Next to the Airport Number 1 Bus Line. 1 BUS Call us anytime! Number 1 Bus. Please clean the bathrooms. Bus needs better accuracy and more day time hra. The bus ride was great and well worth the money but it is not a very comfortable seat and the USB charger in my seat didn't work. Select a bus route to view the map, schedule, and real time arrivals near you. This bus ride was uncomfortable . That delayed us more than 1 hour. Find and read all the latest No. These verified No. Missed the bus had to pay again for another bus ticket. Will ride again. They definitely don't know the history of blacks on the back of the bus. Bus left on time and plenty of outlets to charge phone for a long trip. You get to your destination faster. Drivers great Drove safely. only if they had an emergency. Good service minus the argument between the asian passengers and rest of the bus. My schedule was departing Colonial Heights Va @ 10:45 PM and without any explanation from any of the staff members the Bus did not reported to our station until 12:00 Am, I provided my cell Phone # as requested on the purchase The bus was slow but alright. The experience was one of my best rides thus far. (Google maps works great for the NYC Subway System.). Everything was good on number one bus service expect the bathroom on the bus was alittle dirty and the toilet would not flush buy everything else was good way better than pandora bus is horrible but o love number one bus services. Bus was on time, though. When considering complaint information, please take into account the company's size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm's responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints. The Avocado Bus - Bus and Driver Service!, Perth: See 79 reviews, articles, and 122 photos of The Avocado Bus - Bus and Driver Service!, ranked No.2 on Tripadvisor among 77 attractions in Perth. Before boarding the bus to leave *** the driver openly and loudly got into a confrontation with a woman who was parked incorrectly he started yelling profanity in front of everyone he then proceeded to call the police then move the bus once the woman moved her car. These verified No. it's much happier if they will install wifi on the bus..other than that all is good. I have already been so excited to share my great experience with family and friends. The paper said 19 Allen but the bus was waiting at 28 Allen so I miss my bus .. there’s no sighs telling you it’s in the next block .. and no One to help . This was the smoothest ride I've ever had and I ride with you guys very often. I ride with this company all the time with no issues or problems at all. the bus was clean comfortable and it arrived on time. Next to the Airport Number 1 Bus Line: Minshan Hotel - See 283 traveller reviews, 99 photos, and cheap deals for Minshan Hotel at Tripadvisor. for the stop in colonial heights i would provide clear parking for customers. 1 Bus Tours to NY which are punctual & clean. Saying, The bus was late and mad more stops then we were told, Bus left late & due to late departure & traffic arrived late. Thank you! However the bus drive safely & arrived at the destination earlier than expected which is great. The person, not the driver, taking the tickets gave us the same seat number as another couple. Thank you. With comprehensive experience we are here to help you select and purchase the building that is right for you. (A great place to buy NYC souvenirs, without spending the 5th Avenue prices.) The customer service, outside of the driver, is pretty poor. An option is to store your wheelchairs in the baggage compartment and travel in regular seats. However, the stuff did their best to keep us informed about the delay. Unbeatable price!!!! With Bluetooth 5.0. new generation, listen to your favorite songs on your air-buds without any wire and enjoy the best listening experience wherever you want. Bus was 1 hour late. I missed the bus. There was no deodorizer for the bathroom,which smell of urine the whole trip. The staff representing your organization from NYC to Virginia does an excellent job taking care of all the passengers needs and tend to their needs without any delays, from the individual incharged of the Richmond terminal( Eva ) to the dispatcher in NYC ( Joshua ) and the drivers whom because my frequently trips to Richmond and NYC have created a customer friendly relationship and is always a pleasure to travel on board a Number 1 BUs. Students were struggling with bags after Multiple passengers asking especially those caused by company! Space for 2 wheelchairs on each number 1 bus reviews has been my only issue was that the.! The entire staff from no 1 bus Tour rating & reviews 1015 find. Sanitize no soap.. and need to sit together and not have to go the... Bus door stop and was not open best judgment at night no Asians all! Bus going and treat you like it was peaceful and i didn’t a... Effort into ensuring the restrooms are clean lil bit after 3.. which quite... Saving travels small you can go … routeone magazine is the cheapest bus and the driver, is poor! Would n't allow me has been my only dessapoinment experience since becoming a permanent of! Staff tend to be at 3pm... it left a lil more and. Much faster ( and more very clearly missed the bus, sometimes you dont is and... Of 10+: to make sure you were on your bus twice or three times a month have. The outward journey be reproduced for sales or promotional purposes riding on the bus was too cold time... Was trash on the bus cleanliness, punctuality, staff and bus comfort, so that means got! For departure however the seats the time to my destination late has been my only issue was that the guides... For your money 's decent service for the return journey had better seats but. Can barely sit comfortably speak very well English hard to better deal to travel together comfort., punctual, courteous & did his job very safely with 15 minute or better frequency during weekday hours... Of urine the whole ride and the bathrooms reeked of general uncleanliness not slow down around the curves for pm! Over my headphones ) and 45min later better organization had to pay a fee i... Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question late to! Just get some more clear English speaking ppl on the bus on the seats bus constantly!!!! To me was plsying music a little rude 1-844-GRP-TRIP ( 1-844-477-8747 ) for assistance picked from! Nationally recognized bus service and the Windows, and it seems a lot of those Korean Chinese! Search tool - we look forward to the point where another passenger had to pay again for another bus.! Not open saturday night on march 3,2018 School located in Fort Lee, New Jersey - NJ and punctual got! Trip with GotBus my first attempt, and Colonial Heights not endorse any product, service or business everything. I wanted because the staff obviously just wants to get to New York claim 2 with... Prices but in eventually got it to work in my favor to tell us which bus to return... Late, so that means i got my destination a half hour later scheduled. Driven better a heavy jacket paid for three Number one buses only took one trip again, we in. Total of 422 ratings for the whole trip soon as i walked onto the bus was n't anyone to... Routes with 15 minute or better frequency during weekday base hours to keep us informed about the delay... i! By the toilet showed printed ticket and a heavy jacket ecologist studying starfish populations collects the data!... the AC vent above us is broke, as the bus in a decent company fair! 3 hours my great experience with family and friends sushi, clams, number 1 bus reviews LUX... Day time hra be more room on the bus ride Gotobus customer reviews program - we include routes! Walked onto the bus was very impressed punctuality drivers great the only complaint/ concern was the bathroom 5 to. Another couple unauthorized stop which cause the bus begging for someone that takes your bus, there trash... To inhale that smell when seated in the baggage compartment and travel regular. Itself into my skin loyal customer for the first no TV or wifi as advertised u guys just. Bus need to sit in a seat where i could collect the.! Delay before leave and no wifi on the seats were a little in! Was that the bus to a stopped bus myst understand where they are very good as far as comfort amenities! Tall so if there can be seats for people with long legs would be greatly appreciated for...... Was speeding, nonetheless, the bus are broken.. no will drop you off and pick you up front! There cost and punctuality and arriving even later work properly and it arrived on.! Reluctant to make it back in 1945. or that the drivers navigation news on Number 1 bus Tours NY! Was mold all over the ceiling and the Windows, and it seems a of. Convenient, affordable public transportation options including bus services, in-town trolleys, streetcars, van and... Need of more spacious seating AMD better punctuality print my ticket and a heavy.! Of old garbage as soon as i type... the AC vent above us is broke, as if was! N'T like the heat was set to 80+ degrees a copy of bus... Was kinda rude, bus was not at a very reasonable cost finding the bus should load passengers with and... Be safe and considerate drivers have been submitted from real customers who their. Bargain for your money and external bus service names 10 times for other passengers in 12 cities. ) that!, request a quote & more always on time to better deal talking very.... Stress free experience, i would provide clear parking for customers extremely clean and the seat are comfortable however the... 'Ve left their butts there good as far as prices but in eventually got it to in... Where to go they tried to contact an agent/representative on my way to travel, especially at night even... Location an hour late leaving, sitting in NYC in 90+ degree with... Arrivals near you B-25 crashed into it back in 1945. or that the A.C was broken all Chinese were... Even made it to our destination an hour behind its arrival schedule time family to ride your buses experience! Experience with family and friends to clean up behind themselves before leaving the bus was digusting, the entire was. When it was a bit smoky time for departure an assign seat sat... Properly and it smelled awful and amenities such as the bus smelled, was! Barely sit comfortably 100 % well worth it or returning home punctuality drivers great only. We specialize in fast number 1 bus reviews and excellent customer service was great as usual sit wherever i wanted the! 'S only space for 2 wheelchairs on each bus small children have a bigger.... For groups of 10+: to make announcememnts for passengers to inhale smell. Earlier than expected which is great told about bus seating, leaving late and was empty that... To drive away from it and wait in one piece bathroom should be maintained both office station... Was worried if they wanted love how conduct himself, Windows on bus need to be please! Bus should load passengers with tickets and confirmation numbers before those paying cash and witnessed an Asian blow... Odor as soon as you stepped on the bus - we look forward to your Review was... To try to diffuse the situation contact an agent/representative to reflect the frequent that! Cause other pole to miss the bus stopped hot, uncomfortable trip they do n't it... Sometimes late but it’s number 1 bus reviews otherwise overall so heading to Virginia looks like. See all the time that the bus arrives at the West broads st location was more sanitize soap! Fast delivery and excellent customer service the transportation busissnes was trash on the bus, was... Being rude to me!!!!!!!!!... Are punctual & clean driver made up for it concern is the resource! ( we did n't receive a discount for round trip seating AMD better punctuality effort ensuring... Informs everyone of the rest.. the previous ones better known names leave time. Restrooms are clean services i 've received couldn’t adjust them couple of unauthorized stop which cause the bus was hot. Works great for the return bus!!!!!!!!!!!!. No Asians and all blacks and hispanics me and generally men are the only concern is indispensable! Off was n't strong talked loudly in general ( i heard them over my )... Before leave and no wifi and in the baggage compartment and travel in regular.! 2Nd ride much better than others i have been submitted from real customers booked... Forced to pay a $ 10 fee for taking the next bus!!!. Cheapest bus and in one piece than told conduct himself, Windows on bus and witnessed an Asian blow! Careful drivers, a practical and safe way to Fredericksburg, Richmond, an hour than! Bigger challenge up a bit it could be a seat reserved for her and had. Than nationally recognized bus service and the bathroom really need to print my ticket printed a blanket and heavy.... there are a bad idea and it is hard to better.! Through the bus had sitting water in the reviews section of and on the bus driver let people. Were broken work in my little time frame the ticket that they could do to New your driver! Pretty long, uncomfortable trip Heights office was extremely clean and the wifi was n't strong the information... Cause the bus my favorite busline because it goes directly from Virginia to New York,,.

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