nauvoo temple symbols

The Square and Compass of Freemasonry is a veiled sexual symbol with the letter "G" representing genitalia in between "legs." The occultic face of ancient Baal or Amon-Ra shone forth, interspersed with inverted five pointed stars or ‘Goatshead star’ (below) associated for eons of time with all pagan and Satanic worship.” (What’s Going On In There? 17. In fact, for thousands of years the swastika, or the reversed sauvastika, … Long after the Nauvoo Temple displayed the inverted star (1841). Photo of the St. Louis Missouri Temple taken in 2002 by Dave Caron, retrieved from As a result, the tem-ple’s interior added facilities for presenting these sa-cred rites. The flaming Square and Compass was placed above the angel Moroni (below). Pioneers 61.) The notion pentagrams are evil is a fairly recent development. Symbols of the Occult on the Mormon Temple and Their Meanings ... That in essence is what a Mormon woman e-mailed to me when the Nauvoo Temple was being built back in 2002. “The pentagrams and sunstones which adorned the Nauvoo Temple were a clear indication of what transpired in side. Hamblin mentions in the same email that the “the swastika is a symbol of Nazism in the mid-twentieth century, but is a symbol of the sun-god or of good luck in India and Tibet.” This is true. cred temple ordinances—including baptisms for the dead, the endowment, and sealings or marriages for eternity—had been instituted. Even though the exterior symbols on the pilasters of the Nauvoo Temple are the sun, moon, and stars it should be understood that they are not arranged in the sequence that is associated with the three degrees of glory (i.e., star on bottom = telestial kingdom; moon in the middle = terrestrial kingdom; sun on top = celestial kingdom). The starstones on the Nauvoo Temple, some with their unique lengthened ray, are a fitting symbol of Jesus Christ as the morning star. References “The Mystery of the Nauvoo Angel!”, 29 May 2013. Lisle Brown, “Nauvoo Temple Exterior Symbolism”, March 1999. Same applies to Mormons: learn from us about us. In an article I wrote for Saints Alive years ago, I commented the inverted pentagrams were demonic. This symbol adorned the Nauvoo Temple in the 1840s, as part of an Angel Moroni weather-vane-- the crowning feature of the bell tower. The five-pointed star and the pentagram grace the walls of the Nauvoo Temple and Primary children sing a song entitled “I Am Like a Star.” The Abrahamic Covenant makes reference to the stars, as does the plan of salvation. Lisle Brown, “Exterior Description of the Nauvoo Temple”, March 1999. Like the Kirtland Temple’s pulpits, the Nauvoo Temple’s font was an important teaching symbol. p. Sacred Walls shares about the symbolism of the other type of six-pointed stars found on temples like Nauvoo and the Portland Oregon Temple: Additionally, the circle is a symbol of eternity and it is wholly fitting that the symbol of Jesus Christ in the circular windows (five … Stars appear in Mormon symbolism in a variety of ways. Notice the Star of David in the window. Don F. Colvin, “Nauvoo Temple: A Story of Faith > 11. The doors of the Washington D.C. Temple feature medallions with seven different symbols: a star, a planet, concentric circles representing eternity, the sun (complete with a face like the Nauvoo sunstone), the earth, seven concentric pentagons representing seven dispensations, and the moon: Washington D.C. Temple Learn about Masons from Masons. This was true till the mid to late 1850s when a defrocked priest, Eliphas Levi, began to associate an inverted star — for the first time — with evil. The Fate of the Temple”, 2002.

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