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For 2020 we hit the drawing board to create this high performing mountain bike which is ideal for UK trail centres, at our most competitive price yet. Sam Jones, the current custodian, says: “The ferryman said that every day when the ferry is running he would be taking cyclists over – a couple a day … we estimate that we have about 2,000 on the roll of honour – but many names have been lost through time, office moves and the changing of keepers. Qualification for the Cape Wrath Fellowship was simple but not straightforward. Food and alcohol prices are likely to vary. The ride to the Cape Wrath lighthouse may have been difficult, but it was also joyous.”, Malcolm the ferryman making the crossing from East Keoldale, In 2018, a year before the Fellowship’s 70th anniversary, my girlfriend Harriet and I found ourselves standing on that same wind-battered jetty at East Keoldale, watching the small ferry make its way across the water. I’d... is it possible to complete this trip with a friend who walks with a stick. It is an astonishing piece of engineering; built to weather fierce winds on this exposed headland, its 20-metre-high whitewashed walls jut into the sky from the highest sea cliffs on the UK mainland at Clò Mòr. There is a lighthouse there, and (improbably) a small café, which claims to be open 365 days of the year – all the more impressive since the Cape is to all intents and purposes inaccessible for most of the winter. If you’ve travelled to Cape Wrath by bike, we would love to hear from you.”, In a challenging postwar landscape, Coley produced “a fantastic gift to the British cycling public, and the world,” according to Jones. As previously pointed out the road is 11miles and a rocky gravel surface with lots of potholes and steep sections but if you are experienced off road riders you should be OK . Each successful participant would receive a certificate and admission into the fellowship. I am sure that you can although the track from the ferry to the Cape is very rough. Journey’s end: waiting for the ferry to return to the mainland, Following Coley’s death in 1985, the fellowship passed into the care of Peter Knottley – a member of the Cyclists Touring Club, the forebear of the Cycling UK charity who have cared for the Cape Wrath Fellowship since 1992. When we went some of the people got the mini bus up to the light house and then walked out. I think you should be safe if you stick to the tried and trusted tracks. Cycling for pleasure. He wanted to rekindle that sense of freedom and adventure, and often spoke of a ride he had taken in 1946 in remote Cape Wrath as an example. With mounting excitement, we clambered on to a ferry only modestly upgraded from the rowing boat of Coley’s day – the Beulah, a small boat with an outboard motor. The Cape Wrath Trail is one of the world's finest long distance walks. Can you take mountain bikes over on the ferry and cycle into cape wrath. £649.99 Buy! That evening we scanned the cliffs for puffins, Arctic skua, white-tailed eagles and sea eagles that nest and breed in the area. The Cape Wrath Fellowship was started by Rex Coley, a cycling journalist who wrote under the pseudonym “Ragged Staff’ - in honour of the crest of his native Warwickshire. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. I think you should be safe if you stick to the tried and trusted tracks. Alternatively, you can join a trip from Durness, a short journey on the Cape Wrath Ferry to meet the minibus that will take you through the challenging landscape of the MOD training area to the very edge; Cape Wrath itself, and boy is it worth the trip! The Cape Wrath Challenge at the northern tip of Scotland was dreamed up by a postwar cycling enthusiast who thought that bike touring clubs were turning soft, Wed 17 Jun 2020 06.30 BST Located in Sutherland in the Highlands of Scotland, Cape Wrath is the most northwestern point of the UK. A selfie at the lighthouse will be considered sufficient proof of your daring and guile. The route leads you across most of the north west coast of Scotland via Morar, Knoydart, Torridon and Assynt, winding through its most beautiful glens and mountains. Last modified on Wed 24 Jun 2020 08.50 BST. Me and my 6 year old son are hoping to make the trip to Kervaig Bothy this summer. Some big days allow you to see magnificent mountains and stunning coastlines as well as everything in between before finishing at Cape Wrath the north westerly point of the UK mainland. The ferry service is tide and weather dependent, and details can be found on When travel returns, check the Visit Cape Wrath website for information on military firing times and ferry crossings. The Cape Wrath name is synonymous in the world of mountain biking for years. Again the ferryman would be able to advise but I wouldn't advise cycling off road as it is a firing range and there could be dangers off road. From the ferry end, a minibus runs to the Cape. Cyclists Welcome. almost sure) you can take bikes over (an empty boat is certainly big enough) but you might have to wait for the "rush" to go. The only inhabitants on the headland are those who live in lighthouse buildings including the proprietor of the café, John Ure, and his wife Kay. At the north-western tip of Scotland, cut off from the mainland by a tidal inlet that can be treacherous to cross, is a single-track road that winds for 11 miles through desolate moorland to a squat Victorian lighthouse at the edge of Cape Wrath. Qualification for the Cape Wrath Fellowship was straightforward but not easy. Rex 'Ragged Staff' Coley wanted to rekindle cycling's sense of freedom and adventure in remote places like Cape Wrath, However, Coley felt that the cycling clubs were dulling the derring-do of life behind handlebars. I honestly wouldn't recommen riding on it ! Glynn Davies, writing in the Cycle Touring Gazette in May 1965, said of the Cape: “I pondered on the title given to this spot, which at the moment was pleasant, quiet and calm. £541.66 Ex. All successful applicants will be issued with a certificate free of charge, and in the coming weeks a patch will be available. Yes but the boat doesn't allow too many at the same time. Our drivers provide an informative commentry so you learn about the places & landmarks en route. Remember, Cape Wrath Mini Bus is the only vehicular option available to the public on Cape Wrath Peninsula! Rex wrote for a magazine called Cycling (the predecessor to Cycling Weekly) and edited The Bicycle at a time when, like now, cycling was enjoying a period of widespread popularity. Description. There is a possibility of people walking onto Cape Wrath from the south side, roughly parallel with the coast - so you could probably bike it that way. Early the next morning we were up and brewing a nice cuppa ready for the day ahead. It typically takes between two and three weeks to walk. According to cycling historian Sheila Hanlon: “When safety bicycles became more affordable after the turn of the [20th] century, touring the countryside served as a means of escape from the polluted city air and stress of modern life for working-class men and women.” Club rides saw hundreds of cyclists take to the roads to enjoy “the socially transformative power of an open-air experience in the countryside”. Arriving late in the evening, I met up with my biking buddy, Jack Kirkbride. Passenger service across the Kyle of Durness between May and September. This will be fine as the main issue with getting an early boat is to get a seat on the bus at the other side. To the Norseman who had called it “Wrath”, the name meant simply “turning point” - but I was fully prepared to believe that it could, in other conditions, equally merit the English meaning of the word.” Coley described it in different conditions: “It can be said that a cyclist gazing out to a turbulent ocean (fog permitting! The only way to access the road without hiking over moorland is by the Cape Wrath Ferry, a foot passenger only boat, which crosses the Kyle. In addition, much of the moorland known as the Parph is used as a testing range for military exercises. We have a new website! Somebody mentioned the firing range - this is only at certain times of the year and mainly avoids the key holiday periods. “It is one of those quirks of British cycling history, and that makes it so interesting.” He adds: “Looking at the situation we are in at the moment, you don’t need to travel to the Himalayas or to far-flung parts of the world to have a cracking adventure.

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